Words to be recreated as a board game

Hasbro and the New York Times join forces to turn the popular word puzzle Wordle into a board game, the companies announced Thursday.

Looking back: Wordle, a daily pun that was bought by the New York Times at an undisclosed price in January, went viral after it was first released to the world in October last year.

Details: The board game will be called “Wordle: The Party Game” and will be released in October. It is now available for pre-order.

How it works: In the game, players compete to guess a secret word that has been written down by another player. The more rounds it takes to guess the right word, the more points a player collects. The player with the least number of points wins.

The big picture: The Times has been publishing daily crossword puzzles for decades, but recently began a broader push into games and their potential for subscriptions.

What they say: “We are very excited to work with the New York Times Games to bring our gaming worlds together and expand Wordle in new ways,” Adam Biehl, SVP & General Manager of Hasbro Gaming, said in the press release.

  • “At the New York Times Games, we are focused on quality puzzles that everyone can experience together, which is why we are so excited to partner with Hasbro to bring a whole new format to the global sensation of Wordle,” said New York. Times gaming chef Jonathan Knight.

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