Where to shop Zoe Foster-Blake’s holiday style.

Like half of your Instagram feed, Zoë Foster-Blake is currently on vacation in Europe.

If you missed it, the Go-To Skincare founder is celebrating a (delayed) milestone birthday in Greece with her husband, Hamish Blake, her two children and a bunch of friends.

“When I was a sweet, covid-ignorant baby in 2019, I disgustingly booked my 40th in Greece and begged my best friends to come. Fortunately, incredibly, thankfully, we are finally on that trip,” she shared on Instagram to mark the apartment.

She assures us that the holiday and the “picturesque shit” will soon be over, but in the meantime we are very much enjoying the content.

In addition to the scenic photos of the Amalfi Coast and Lake Como where the group vacationed before coming to the Greek islands, Zoë has posted her daily outfit proving that she is as good at fashion as she is at beauty, which we already knew – but there is nothing like a backdrop of bougainvillea-lined streets and very aesthetic Italian beaches to demonstrate it.

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For her long-awaited birthday dinner, Zoë wore a spashy printed halterneck dress from Johanna Ortiz with matching earrings.

Zoë in a Johanna Ortiz dress for her birthday dinner. Photo: Instagram.

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