Two Canadians, one with multiple identities, found dead in Playa del Carmen Resort

Two dead Canadians have been spotted with their necks cut in a classy holiday apartment in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, according to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Although the identities of the victims have not been released, police say more identities were found for a male victim in the room and that the man was wanted due to international allegations of fraud.

The victims had reportedly stayed in the area near Cancun and Cozumel for several months, but it was unclear whether they were residents, tourists or hiding.

Prosecutors say a security guard in the complex was also injured, although it was unclear whether this incident was linked to the suspected murders.

Although the area is popular with international tourists, the area is well known as a paradise for drug cartel activity, which often develops into murder at a rate of around 37 per cent. 100,000 inhabitants since 2016, according to local authorities.

In March, a British man was shot in his convertible while traveling with his daughter. In January, two Canadians were killed when they were caught in crossfire, and in October, tourists from Germany and India died under similar circumstances.

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