Triple M host Dangerous Dave refuses to play AC / DC song

“STOP SONG. I’m not playing it”: The longtime Triple M announcer, Dangerous Dave, went berserk while he was live on air this morning.

The longtime Triple M narrator “Dangerous” Dave Williams went on the air this morning, pausing the station’s ‘Rock’s Greatest Hits 600’ countdown and completely refusing to play the next song.

Dave was counting the listener poll down over the 600 best rock songs of all time when he reached number 149 – and fooled by the result.

“Comes in at number 149 on the countdown, that is Back in black. It’s AC / DC, and – stop it. STOP SINGING, ”he ordered.

“AC / DC, Back in black? At 149? Excuse me. I will does not accept it. “

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He then made a few calls from listeners who were equally shocked by the “terrible” result of one of the most iconic hard rock songs of all time – though at least one admitted he had not actually voted for it in the countdown.

“What’s happened? It’s a given, people think, ‘Oh, Back in black will be there – I will not vote for it, someone else will vote for it. “

“I do not play it. I do not play it at 149, I refuse to play Back in black there. Every time we have made a countdown, it is given – Back in blackTop 10.

He then vowed to create a new number in the countdown – “27a” – to send the song.

It was certainly a poor result for a song that has traditionally placed high on the charts of the greatest rock songs ever.

VH1 placed it in fourth place on a list of the best metal songs and was later named the second biggest hard rock song ever by the same place.

And back in 2010, the song became number two in Triple M’s Ultimate 500 Rock Countdown. The top five were all AC / DC songs.

The song was actually only a modest hit list success when it was first released back in 1980, reaching only 65 on the charts here in Australia and 35 in the US.

However, its parent album of the same name is one of the best-selling rock albums ever, and it sells close to a million copies in Australia alone.

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