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OTTAWA, Ontario & PARIS, July 14, 2022– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Wins Best AI product at the recent TA Awards, TC Market Buzz helps modern investors and traders tackle info possession while improving the returns of brokerage platforms on news investments. The cutting-edge technology uses proprietary artificial intelligence (AI), especially natural language processing (NLP), trained by market analysts to crush incredibly large amounts of content into simple action-friendly content. insight. Dens disturbing iconic interface, designed for the mobile consumer, utilizes beautifully simple visualizations to convey what is happening in the markets.

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TC Market Buzz tackles infobesity and supports timely, well-educated trading decisions with natural language processing and compelling data visualizations. (Photo: Business Wire)

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TC Market Buzz declutters digital news experience makes it easier to identify and trade on trading opportunities for the large number of retail investors who access their platform once a week or less. TC Market Buzz Helps Investors ยปRead less, know more“thanks to concise analyzes such as:

  • That Bubbles View surfaces buzzing instruments.

  • Newsletter signals abnormally high amounts of news coverage.

  • Content sharing between social, professional news and web channels.

  • Trend analysis indicates the directional price momentum.

  • Most discussed topics identify the most popular themes that drive the narrative.

  • That Newsdesk shows thousands of articles from curated news agencies, web and social media.

The recent addition of French and Chinese reading skills to Trading Central’s AI and NLP engine adds tens of thousands of articles from leading content sources to crunch to derive increasingly powerful analytics. Market Buzz users seamlessly gain a deeper insight into global stock buzz scores, sentiment scores and trend topics.

“On Webullwe believe in delivering reliable, actionable research to our investors within an interface they enjoy using, “says CEO Anthony Denier.” Trading Central’s news and sentiment APIs provided the flexibility we needed to integrate layered insights and training across our platform. “

“Giving retailers dynamic insight is incredibly important to us,” says Olly Stevens, Product Director at StoneX Retail. “Our customers want to know about the hottest conversations on the market and fact check these stories from the most reputable sources. Refinitive news products with Trading Central news and sentiment analysis provide a unique vantage point for an instrument’s performance. “

“We are passionate about delivering high-quality, action-oriented insights across the entire spectrum of investors, from those just starting out to the active trader,” said Vincent Sangiovanni, Chief Executive Officer at Money.Net. “That’s why we integrated Market Buzz with Technical Insight and Strategy Builder into our Scout platform. The combination of Trading Central’s award-winning research, robust AI and NLP capabilities gives our investors a holistic view of security while their Flexible, intuitive interfaces helped us deliver insights seamlessly. “

Trading Central has been supporting investment decisions through the world’s most admired brokerage and prosperity technology brands since 1999. Learn about our award-winning, integrated research solutions:

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