Three teenagers rescue a five-year-old boy who drowns in Sydney’s pool

Three teenagers have been praised after rescuing a five-year-old boy in trouble in a pool in Sydney’s vest.

9-year-olds Harry Bibrack, Tobin Smith and Thomas Hall celebrated Smith’s 15th birthday at the Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Center on Thursday when they saw the little boy face down near the hot tub.

“I knocked on his door, no reaction and I picked him up and water came out of his mouth,” Hall said.

Three teenagers help save a five-year-old boy from drowning.
These three teenagers helped save a five-year-old boy from drowning. (9 news)

“My first reaction was to get a lifeguard.”

The teens pulled the boy out of the water and then rushed for help.

“I went over to this woman and thought ‘do you have a phone?’ And she was like ‘yes,’ and she froze as if she could not speak,” Smith said.

Thomas Hall helped save a little boy from drowning
Thomas Hall pulled the little boy out of the water. (9 news)

“So I grabbed the phone and called triple zero.”

A paramedic on duty began performing CPR and resuscitated the boy before he was taken to the Westmead Children’s Hospital, where he remained in critical condition Friday.

“The bystanders did a wonderful job of getting the baby out of the water and started CPR,” said Giles Buchannan of NSW Ambulance.

Young boy pulled from pool at Sydney Olympic Park
The five-year-old boy was taken to hospital in a critical condition. (9 news)

“It’s absolutely crucial to our role to trust that the public gets in there early.”

The three teenagers were disbelieving that they had helped save the boy and are taking the story to school next week.

“There are not many who experience it, you just see it in the news, but you actually held the guy, you saw him, you saved him,” Smith said.

Tobin Smith helped save a little boy from drowning
Tobin Smith hurried to get someone to call Triple Zero for the boy. (9 news)

“They (our friends) do not believe in us, they do not believe in us at all, so when they see the news, we can hopefully prove them wrong,” the boys said.

Safe Work NSW has launched an investigation into the incident and part of their report will look at the actions of staff, including lifeguards on duty at the time.

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