This AI-powered widget can turn any drawing into a lively animation

There is no stopping children or grandchildren from growing up. Before you know it, they will be doing their own thing. In the meantime, we would like to make some suggestions to strengthen the bond with your young people.

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There is nothing more touching than a hand-drawn gift from a little one. You can hang it on the fridge, but why stop there? Imagine the look on their faces as you bring their drawings to life. It’s easy to do with this AI-powered tool.

How to turn drawings into animations

Parents and grandparents, this one is fun. Grab one of your kids’ drawings. Like a sign on a solid white sheet. Take a picture or scan it in and you will be five minutes away from something completely new.

Animated Drawings is a browser widget that lets you animate anything.

The process is simple:

  • Upload any drawing to Note: You will need to sign up for a privacy disclaimer, so avoid uploading photos with identifying information included.
  • Crop the image so the drawing stands alone. Ideally, on a solid, consistent background.
  • Use the pencil and eraser tools to help AI isolate the character from the background around it.
  • Adjust the doll guide luminaire according to your child’s drawing by using the labels above the user interface to guide your hand. There is a joint for the knees, shoulders, middle of the head, eyes and so on. Match everything as best you can.

Once you have completed your character design, you can either go back and adjust or choose one of many standard animation presets. Your new animation can dance, walk, jump and even shadowbox with itself. Talk about adorable and it’s a great way to kill 20 minutes at home.

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Once the animation is complete, you can share it on social media, send it to your phone or email, or start over. We hope animated cartoons encourage your kids to explore their artistic talents further as they bring your family closer together.

How to get creative at any age

Art is one of the best ways to support a healthy sense of curiosity, wonder and awe in any child – and in any willing adult, to be fair!

If you have a child who loves to put pencil on paper, we encourage you to encourage them. There are many ways to engage a child with fun, healthy activities like drawing. Animated drawings can be one of our best choices for inner artists, young and old.

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