The Museum of Contemporary Art closes in August

By the edhat staff

After 47 years, the Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara (MCA) plans to close in August, citing economic struggles.

The MCA sent a press release Tuesday afternoon informing the community of its pending closure.

The museum opened in 1976 as a Contemporary Art Forum and in 1990 moved into its current home above the Paseo Nuevo Mall in downtown Santa Barbara.

“A safe space that supports the voices and views of our community members, MCASB has provided a critical platform for exploring our past and our potential future. From grassroots gatherings of artists and activists to educational programs created to support previously underserved communities in our county, MCASB at its core held a person-first approach to service, “the MCA statement said.

The MCA mentions financial difficulties following the pandemic with repeated efforts to achieve the necessary operational goals that fall short.

In 2019, the museum lost more than $ 1.2 million and $ 1.7 million the year after, reports The independent.

“We are honored to have been able to serve thousands of individuals from the Central Coast and beyond for nearly fifty years through the support of our other art lovers, artists, educators, non-profit leaders, officials and curious passers-by. Our team is deeply grateful for the genuine appreciation expressed daily by our members, visitors, supporters, artists and collaborators, “the statement read.

The museum will close its doors to the public on August 28, 2022, though it has begun talks with community partners and supporters to evaluate the feasibility of retaining its new leaders in arts and teen collective programs.

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