“The Forbidden Marriage” (2022 Drama): Cast and Summary

Kim YounDae Instagram / Park JuHyun Instagram / Alien Company / “The Forbidden Marriage” webtoon

“The Forbidden Marriage” is a historical romance drama about the Crown Prince who lost his wife and meets a swindler who claims to be possessed by the spirit of the deceased princess.

This drama is based on the web movie “The Forbidden Marriage” or (Geumgyeonggyeong-Chosun Prohibition in Korean) written by Cheon JiHye (Cheon Jihye) and illustrated by Sanchaek (Walking).

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The main characters in the drama are Park JuHyun, Kim YoungDae and Kim WooSeok.

Actor Park JuHyun has starred in the dramas “Mouse”, “Zombie Detective” and “Extracurricular”.

Model and actor Kim YoungDae has starred in the dramas “The Penthouse: War In Life” seasons 1, 2 and 3, “Cheat On Me If You Can” and “Sh ** ting Stars”.

Actor Kim WooSeok has starred in the dramas “Scripting Your Destiny”, “Military Prosecutor Doberman” and “Rookie Cops”.

Author Cheon JiHye will also write the script for this drama.

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The Forbidden Marriage (2022)



Title: The Forbidden Marriage / Joseon’s Prohibition of Marriage / Geumhonryeong / 금 혼령

Manager: SangWoo Park, Jung Hoon

Author: Cheon Ji Hye

Network: MBC

Driving time: From 2022

# of episodes:

Genre: Historical, Romance, Drama

Language: Korean


“The Forbidden Marriage” is a delightful and exciting palace scam drama about a marriage swindler who claims to be possessed by the spirit of the Crown Prince’s deceased wife.


Park JuHyun Instagram / “The Forbidden Marriage” webtoon

Park JuHyun as SoRang

SoRang is a deceiver who claims she is possessed by the spirit of the king’s deceased wife.

Kim YoungDae Instagram / “The Forbidden Marriage” webtoon

Kim YoungDae as Lee Heon

Lee Heon is the king of Joseon. He is full of sweet charm and that kind of man who can do anything for the woman he loves.

Alien Company / “The Forbidden Marriage” webtoon

Kim WooSeok as Lee ShinWon

ShinWon is an officer and seems to be the perfect man. He exhibits no faults, including not only in family, but also in literature, personality, and appearance.

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“The Forbidden Marriage” or (Golden Spirit-Chosun Marriage Ban in Korean) was written by Cheon JiHye (Cheon JiHye) and illustrated by Sanchaek (Walking).

“Everyone in this kingdom was forbidden to marry by the king who failed to move on. A girl who is good at deceiving tries to change the ban, but the longer her lies get bigger and worse!” – WEBSITE

You can read webtoon in Korean here.

Get a glimpse of the webtoon below.

Webtoon “The Forbidden Marriage”.

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