tATu members Lena Katina and Julia Volkova: Where are they now?

It’s been 20 years since the hit single All The Things She Said. Now the alienated members of the Russian pop duo tATu live very different lives.

They had one of the biggest hits of 2002 – but 20 years later, the life of the Russian pop duo tATu could not be more different.

That All the things she said singers – red-haired Lena Katina and brunette Julia Volkova, both 37 – went their separate ways in 2011 after a series of albums.

However, they are still best known for their English-language debut single, a surprisingly global huge hit back in 2002 – helped along the way by the then teenage duo’s controversial image.

Dressed in schoolgirl outfits, the stars played a faux-lesbian image, which they later admitted was all fabricated by their manager to sell records.

Twenty years later, Lena is now married to a multi-millionaire businessman named Dmitry Spiridonov. It is her second marriage, after divorcing rock star Sasho Kuzmanovich, with whom she has seven-year-old son Alexander.

She and Spiridonov got married earlier this month on his 40th birthday, where the singer previously showed off her three-carat diamond engagement ring. The sun reports Lena said the ring was a “museum item” with a price tag that had “many zeros”.

The wedding comes after he recently underwent treatment for thyroid cancer – with Lena by her side throughout.

Life after tATu has been much more controversial for the other half of the duo.

Julia Volkova made headlines in 2013 when she declared that she had converted to Islam three years earlier. Despite opening up about her bisexuality in several interviews, Volkova caused a huge backlash from fans in 2014 when she went on a homophobic tirade during a Russian talk show appearance.

She said she would “condemn” her son if he turned out to be gay, and she said, “I think a real man should be a real man … a man has no right to be af * g. “

She also claimed, “two girls together – not the same as two men together”.

“It seems to me that lesbians look aesthetically much nicer,” she said.

Her comments received widespread condemnation – including from her estranged former bandmate, who said: “I think everyone should be free to love who they love and be with those they want to spend their lives with.”

Volkova later withdrew, insisting she “loved” tATu’s gay fans.

The last time the couple performed together was at a concert in 2016, where they briefly put their disagreements aside to perform the early tATu single Do not get us.

They both appeared in a Russian documentary from 2021, which traced the group’s rise and fall – but refused to be interviewed together.

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