Russia’s Lavrov promises ‘full protection’ for any annexed territory | War news between Russia and Ukraine

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov says regions of Ukraine where widely criticized referendums are being held will be under Moscow’s “full protection” if they are annexed, raising the prospect of the use of nuclear weapons if Kiev tries to retake those areas . Lavrov’s comments at a press conference in New York City on Saturday … Read more

Saudi Arabia’s triumphant week regains the West’s embrace

NEW YORK (AP) – Saudi Arabia appears to be leaving behind the stream of negative coverage about the killing of Jamal Khashoggi induced since 2018. The Kingdom is once again enthusiastically welcomed back into a polite and powerful society, and it is no longer so frowned upon to seek Saudi investment or accept their favor. … Read more

Zelensky offers guarantees for Russian soldiers who surrender

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Saturday offered guaranteed protection to Russian soldiers who surrender amid the conflict between the countries, after Russian President Vladimir Putin announced he was calling up 300,000 reservists to rebuild Russian forces. Appeals directly to Russians under a address, Zelensky said Ukraine could guarantee three terms of office to Russian soldiers … Read more

See Chief Prosecutor War Crimes Warning to Russia – CNN

See Chief Prosecutor for War Crimes Warning to RussiaCNN UN rights experts present evidence of war crimes in UkraineAssociated Press The UN Human Rights Commission says war crimes have been committed in UkraineAxios Russia has committed war crimes in Ukraine, UN investigators sayThe Guardian See full coverage on Google News

‘Sham referendums’ on joining Russia underway in occupied parts of Ukraine – CNN

‘Sham referendums’ on joining Russia are underway in the occupied parts of UkraineCNN Russia-Ukraine War: Staged referendums begin in Russian-occupied territoriesNew York Times Russia holds ‘referendums’ in occupied regions of Ukraine – BBC NewsBBC news 6 AM ET: Ukraine ‘referendums’ begin, Celtics coach suspended, Iran’s deadly protests and more – CNN 5 Things – Podcast … Read more

UN rights experts present evidence of war crimes in Ukraine

GENEVA (AP) – A team of experts commissioned by the U.N.’s top human rights body to investigate rights abuses in Ukraine said Friday that its initial investigation turned up evidence of war crimes in the country after Russia’s invasion almost seven months ago. The experts from the Commission of Inquiry on Ukraine, which was mandated … Read more

In Moscow, Putin’s ‘invisible war’ is now impossible to hide

Russian social media quickly coined the term “mogilizatsita” for Putin’s call, a blend of the Russian word mogila, or grave, and mobilization. Unusually long queues to leave the country were reported overnight on Wednesday and into Thursday morning at once sleepy border crossings, including those with Mongolia and Kazakhstan in the east and Georgia in … Read more

The Moscow-controlled regions of Ukraine vote in ‘sham’ to join Russia

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — Voting began Friday in the Moscow-held regions of Ukraine for referendums on becoming part of Russia, Russian-backed officials there said. The Kremlin-orchestrated referendumswhich has been widely condemned by Ukraine and the West as shams with no legal force, is seen as a step towards annexing the territories by Russia. The votes … Read more

Russia starts annexation vote in parts of Ukraine

Roman Abramovich, the former owner of Chelsea Football Club, “played a key role” in securing the release of five British prisoners of war in Ukraine. The Russian, 55, welcomed John Harding, Shaun Pinner, Aiden Aslin, Dylan Healy and Andrew Hill on a jet that flew them from Russia to Saudi Arabia. He gave each of … Read more

World opinion is shifting towards Russia as concerns about Ukraine grow

NEW YORK (AP) – The tide of international opinion appears to be turning decisively against Russia as a number of non-aligned countries join the United States and its allies in condemning Moscow’s war in Ukraine and its threats to the principles of the international rules-based order. Western officials have repeatedly said Russia has been isolated … Read more