The fast food chain with a sold-out fashion line

BRIGHTON, England – R&B singer Kelis belted out her 2003 hit “Milkshake” to cheers at an outdoor show about 50 miles south of London. Stumret wasn’t just about the music. Many came for sausage rolls and especially sausage-themed merchandise. The celebrations were sponsored by the fast food and bakery chain Greggs, which serves around 2.8 … Read more

Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway may be among top payers of new minimum tax

Researchers at the University of North Carolina Tax Center analyzed securities filings to determine what companies would have paid if the tax had been in place last year. They found that fewer than 80 publicly traded U.S. companies would have paid any corporate minimum tax by 2021, and only six — including Amazon and Warren … Read more

In fact, Costco is raising its member prices

Warehouse clubs remain a huge value for customers even though they charge a membership fee to shop there. Costco (COST) Walmart’s (WMT) Sam’s Club and BJ’s Wholesale (BJ) all offer members a similar proposition — pay a membership fee and get access to a selection of items at low prices. There are some trade-offs. The … Read more

How to manage your finances when inflation is high, interest rates keep rising and research shows women’s financial well-being drops to five-year low

Hello, MarketWatchers. Don’t miss these top stories. ‘No wonder consumer confidence is down’: Women’s financial well-being dips to five-year low, survey finds Only 14% of women say they are prepared for a recession compared to 30% of men, according to a survey by Ellevest, a women’s investment platform. Read more The weekend reads: How to … Read more

Costco to keep $1.50 hotdog-and-soda combo ‘forever’ despite inflation: exec

A top Costco Wholesale executive confirmed that the big-box retailer has no plans to change the price of its $1.50 hot dog-and-soda combo in its stores despite months of decades-high inflation. Costco Chief Financial Officer Richard Galanti reiterated that the low price on the fan-favorite deal would remain in place during the company’s fourth-quarter earnings … Read more

Here’s what Costco says about inflation — and an increase in membership fees

As the market obsesses over inflation and what would cause the Fed to step off the accelerator, it’s worth considering what some companies are saying about it. The outlook for Costco Wholesale, the warehouse retailer known for its competitive prices, appears to be as good as any. And the comments from Chief Financial Officer Richard … Read more

Queen’s Bank Holiday Memorial Costs Economy Almost $2 Billion | The business | ABC News – ABC News (Australia)

Queen’s Bank Holiday Memorial Costs Economy Almost $2 Billion | The business | ABC NewsABC News (Australia)

Costco sales rise as inflation continues to weigh on consumers

Costco COSTS -1.20% Wholesale Corp. posted higher sales in the latest quarter, the latest indication that the warehouse retailer remains a haven for consumers dealing with persistent inflation. The Issaquah, Wash.-based company’s revenue rose 15% to $72.09 billion in the fourth quarter. The average estimate of analysts polled by FactSet was $72.04 billion. Newsletter registration … Read more

Mortgage rates hit 6.29%, Freddie Mac says, and rents fell in August for the first time since November 2021

Hello, MarketWatchers. Don’t miss these top stories. Rents fell in August for the first time since November 2021, but tenants are still struggling. Here’s why. Rents fell from July to August, and annual growth appears to be slowing. Read more How much should I tip my housekeeper? My husband says we should give the bare … Read more

Buy now, pay later Payments: New rules that consumers should know

Buy now, pay later Consumer models are taking the US payments industry by storm. BNPL resonates with US online shoppers, who make modest initial payments up front and pay remaining balances on scheduled due dates – often smaller payments made over four months. Currently, standalone BNPL mobile apps such as Klarna, Afterpay and Affirm offer … Read more