Investing in this ETF right now could make you a millionaire retiree

(Chuck Saletta) With the market substantially down from its all-time highs, the benefits of dollar-cost averaging a low-cost, broad-based equity index fund are becoming quite apparent. By making regular investments every payday in this market, every dollar you invest buys that many more shares while stocks are down. That may not seem like much of … Read more

Here’s how to think about risky stocks as you approach retirement

(Sam Swenson, CFA, CPA) Pulling back in a potential recession isn’t what anyone wants, but there are ways to maintain some control over your portfolio during times of economic downturn. Making some big adjustments to your investments in the years leading up to retirement can pay big dividends, all while creating additional security for your … Read more

Are you planning to take Social Security at 62? 3 reasons to wait until 70

(Adam Levine-Weinberg) A big question for Americans approaching retirement is when to file for Social Security benefits. While the U.S. government has set the full retirement age at 67 for people born in 1960 or later, Americans can choose to take a reduced Social Security benefit as early as age 62 — or wait beyond … Read more

2023 will bring historic changes for retirees on Social Security

(Katie Brockman) Social Security can go a long way toward making retirement more affordable, but with inflation continuing to rise, it’s getting harder for retirees on fixed incomes to make ends meet. Fortunately, relief could be on the horizon. Next month, the Social Security Administration (SSA) will announce the cost of living adjustment (COLA) for … Read more

The best reason to start saving for retirement today

(Adam Levy) It is common knowledge that starting to save for retirement early will make the journey much easier. You can get by with saving much less per month if you have decades before you retire. But maybe you have financial priorities you want to take care of before you start saving, and expect to … Read more

Personal finance worries cause record consumer confidence low | News

UK – Consumer confidence dropped five points from August to September to hit another record low of -49 amid a cost-of-living crisis and high inflation, according to GfK’s Consumer Confidence Index. GfK found that there was a nine-point fall from the previous month in people’s forecast for their personal finances over the year ahead, hitting … Read more

Queen’s Bank Holiday Memorial Costs Economy Almost $2 Billion | The business | ABC News – ABC News (Australia)

Queen’s Bank Holiday Memorial Costs Economy Almost $2 Billion | The business | ABC NewsABC News (Australia)