UNHRC experts call for protecting human rights against AI challenges

artificial intelligence – CC Pexels CAIRO – September 23, 2022: A number of international artificial intelligence (AI) and human rights experts, together with international organizations and individuals, called for a concerted effort through an international action and legal framework to protect human rights privacy when it comes to adopting AI – technologies. The experts’ … Read more

Diets are just as unhealthy now as they were 30 years ago

The average person’s diet hasn’t improved much in the past 30 years, despite major advances in nutrition science — and Americans are among the worst eaters, a new study shows. Researchers at Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts, collected data from 185 countries listed in the Global Dietary Database to measure which nations had the healthiest … Read more

Egypt’s Suez Canal will increase transit charges by 15% by 2023

Egypt announced on Saturday that it will raise transit fees in 2023 for all types of vessels passing through the Suez Canal. According to a statement released by the Suez Canal Authority, transit charges for tankers passing through the canal will increase by 15%. The increase for dry cargo ships and tourist ships is 10%. … Read more

South Korea signs $2.25 billion deal with Russian nuclear company

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) – South Korea has signed a 3 trillion won ($2.25 billion) contract with a Russian state-run nuclear energy company to supply components and build turbine buildings for Egypt’s first nuclear power plant, officials said Thursday. The South Koreans hailed the deal as a triumph for their nuclear power industry, even as … Read more

How the Great Pyramids were Built | Big Story (S1, E5) | Full Episode – STORY

How the Great Pyramids were Built | Big Story (S1, E5) | Full episodeHISTORY Colossal Construction of the Golden Gate Bridge | Modern Marvels (S2, E6) | Full episodeHISTORY See full coverage on Google News

Yann Bourdon returns to Paris after disappearing in Egypt

A French backpacker who disappeared in Egypt a year ago has safely returned home to Paris, a lawyer representing his family said on Tuesday. It is not clear what happened over the past year to Yann Bourdon, whose family had speculated that he might have been detained by Egyptian security services. The graduate student at … Read more

Covid-19 is only the beginning of the war against viruses

“Nearly three dozen people in China have been sickened by a newly identified virus.” No, it’s not a return to 2020. Scientists have identified a new virus called Langya henipavirus, or LayV. The good news is that we are only talking about 35 cases since 2018 and it does not seem that human-to-human transmission is … Read more

Officials: Coptic church fire in Cairo kills 41, injures 14

CAIRO (AP) — A fire tore through a packed church during morning services in Egypt’s capital Sunday, killing at least 41 worshipers and injuring 14. The church quickly filled with thick black smoke, and witnesses said several trapped congregants jumped from the upper floors to escape. “Suffocation, suffocation, all dead,” said a distraught witness, who … Read more

Egypt church fire kills at least 41, injures 14 others in Cairo neighborhood

A fire has ripped through a church in a densely populated neighborhood of Egypt’s capital Cairo as congregants worshipped, killing at least 41 and injuring 14. Key points: The fire happened in the Abu Sefein church in the working-class neighborhood of Imbaba It’s unclear how the fire started, but police say initial investigations indicate there … Read more