UNHRC experts call for protecting human rights against AI challenges

artificial intelligence – CC Pexels CAIRO – September 23, 2022: A number of international artificial intelligence (AI) and human rights experts, together with international organizations and individuals, called for a concerted effort through an international action and legal framework to protect human rights privacy when it comes to adopting AI – technologies. The experts’ … Read more

Is AI really a job killer? These experts say no

If you believe all the doom and gloom in the news today, you might think that automation and the implementation of AI-enabled systems in the workplace will replace dozens of jobs worldwide. Is AI really a job killer? These experts say no Adobe Stock But management and technology experts Thomas Davenport and Steven Miller argue … Read more

AI kommer til kommercielle kunstjob. Kan det stoppes?

“Kommer AI til kommerciel kunst?” gengivet af Stable Diffusion, foranlediget af Rob Salkowitz Rob Salkowitz Tidligere på sommeren vandt et stykke genereret af en AI tekst-til-billede-applikation en pris i en statslig kunstkonkurrence, der åbnede en Pandoras æske med spørgsmål om teknologiens indtrængen i domænet af menneskelig kreativitet og kunstens natur. . Hvor fascinerende disse spørgsmål … Read more

PACSman Pontificates: Webinars, Bobbleheads and Artificial Intelligence

The PACS man, Mike Cannavo. But more often than not, especially with panel discussions on AI, I feel like I’m following a decked-out car with a bubble head in the back window, with everyone nodding their heads and agreeing with what’s being said by one presenter or another, while very little … Read more

The fundamental difference between machine learning and artificial intelligence

Digital background showing innovative technologies in (AI) artificial systems, neural interfaces … [+] and internet machine learning technologies getty What is the difference between artificial intelligence and machine learning, and when would you use one over the other? originally appeared on Quora: the place to get and share knowledge, allowing people to learn from others … Read more

AI tool may improve colorectal cancer recurrence prediction

Using artificial intelligence (AI), researchers have developed an algorithm that may help improve the prediction of colorectal cancer (CRC) recurrence. The QuantCRC algorithm can identify patients with CRC who may be able to skip chemotherapy given a low likelihood of relapse, and identify those patients at high risk of relapse who may benefit from more … Read more

Control, Sea Of Thieves Show clips from early development

Screenshot: Youtube That Grand Theft Auto VI leaks were big news for all sorts of reasonsbut one of the more interesting points of discussion has been the revival of a discussion about how “bad” a game can look in front of the public. Like I said the other dayWhile there have been and always will … Read more

Artificial intelligence: A third of researchers working on artificial intelligence say it could cause global catastrophe

A survey of artificial intelligence researchers found that 36 percent believe that AIs could cause a catastrophe on the scale of nuclear war Technology 20 September 2022 By Jeremy Hsu Fears that artificial intelligence could cause a nuclear-level disaster were common among researchers studying artificial intelligence Sahara Prince/Shutterstock More than a third of artificial intelligence … Read more

GTC Sept 2022 Keynote with NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang – NVIDIA

GTC Sept 2022 Keynote with NVIDIA CEO Jensen HuangNVIDIA Nvidia RTX 4090 live blog: price, release date predictions and moreTechRadar Nvidia is expected to unveil its next-gen RTX 40 series today: here’s when and how you can watchPC gamer GeForce Beyond: watch Nvidia reveal the RTX 4000 series graphics cards here at 8:00 a.m. PT … Read more