Steph Curry, Warriors will win ‘zero’ more NBA titles, believes ESPN analyst

ESPN analyst Domonique Foxworth doubles – literally – on her previously incorrect prediction that Steph Curry and the Warriors will not win more NBA championships.

The last time Foxworth guessed how many more rings Curry would win with Golden State was in August, and the two-time NBA MVP had just signed a $ 215 million contract extension. Both Foxworth and his fellow analyst Kendrick Perkins held hands in the form of a zero.

Curry took note.

He proved them wrong and got the NBA Finals MVP along with another ring after defeating the Boston Celtics. As he sucked in his fourth title while talking to reporters at TD Garden, he gave a visual reminder of how off those August guesses were.

In Wednesday’s episode of “Get Up”, Foxworth was once again asked to predict how many titles Curry and the Warriors will continue to win after their fourth championship in eight seasons. He held up not one but two zeros after claiming that the Golden States’ “pettiness” is proof that they will “rest on their laurels.”

Foxworth gave Curry enough fuel to win a fourth ring the last time he kept a zero, and it was only one. With his “zero goggles” remark, there is no telling what kind of season Foxworth could inspire.

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Because if there’s one thing Dub Nation knows, it’s Curry seeing, hearing and remembering everything.

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