Russia Hits Grain Terminals in Latest Attack on Ukraine’s Food Infrastructure

  • Attack on grain terminals deals another blow to Ukraine’s beleaguered food-export capabilities.
  • Crash of a drone allegedly controlled by Kyiv sparks fire at a large Russian refinery.
  • Russia has been conducting simulated missile attacks on Estonia, escalating tensions along NATO’s northeastern border.
  • Russian troops took several villages south of the eastern Ukrainian city of Severodonetsk.

Russian forces targeted at least two large North American-owned grain terminals in the Ukrainian port of Mykolaiv on Wednesday, as part of what Kyiv and Western governments say is a campaign to degrade Ukraine’s ability to export food.

The strikes came as a major Russian oil-and-gas refinery close to the Ukrainian border was set ablaze after a drone, allegedly controlled by Kyiv’s forces, crashed into it Wednesday morning, according to the plant’s management.

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