Quinta Brunson and ABC sued over Emmy-nominated ‘Abbott Elementary’

One day after securing seven Emmy nominations, Quinta Brunson and the American Broadcasting Company are on the wrong side of a lawsuit.

According to Radar Online, Brunson and ABC are being sued by aspiring author, actress and performer Christine Davis for copyright infringement. Davis claims that Brunson and the network ripped off her show, This school yearwhich follows a similar premise and school environment.

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In his lawsuit, the aspiring writer expressed that both parties used Abbott Elementary to reproduce “the look and feel of the inner city school, the mockumentary style, unique plot synopsis, scenography and unique characters” from her original manuscript without Davis’ consent. Davis reportedly wrote This school years script in 2018 and got it officially registered with the United States Copyright Office in March 2020, a year before Abbott Elementary‘s ABC debut.

In July 2020, Davis reportedly passed This school year‘s screenplay for two women named Shavon Sullivan Wright and Cherisse Parks at Blue Park Productions. The aspiring author claimed she had “at least three meetings about her work.”

Quinta Brunson dressed in a pink suit speaks during a panel on Abbott Elementary.

(LR) EP Patrick Schumacker, director / EP Randall Einhorn, creator / writer / EP / actress Quinta Brunson, moderator Antonia Blyth speaks on stage during Disney Television Studios’ ‘Abbott Elementary’ panel during Deadline Contenders Television at Paramount Studios on April 10 2022 in Los Angeles, California.

According to documents obtained by Radar, the trial claimed that the two women told Christine: “ABC and Hulu were looking for black, female-directed comedies.” Davis said Wright and Parks took her show to Hulu, but it led nowhere. Davis said ABC began firing Abbott Elementary in September 2020, with Quinta Brunson acting as the protagonist and creator of the school-centered comedy.

“In addition, the main characters are all stinging and essentially the same. From the triad of young teachers whose roles are almost identical, ‚ÄĚreads the lawsuit against Brunson and ABC.

The court documents allegedly reveal that Davis’ show is a television comedy set in a public school in New York City, where the principal hires filmmakers to film a school documentary.

Christine’s version of the show reportedly follows a principal who is convinced that everything is going well with her school and that “the teachers and students will stick to her agents.” But to the principal’s surprise, the teachers have their own plans for the documentary and the school. The court documents describe Mrs. David as This school year‘s protagonist as a “young, idealistic teacher who hopes to be hired but also tries to convince everyone that the school needs to be reformed.”

Christine Davis’ lawsuit orders Quinta Brunson and ABC to pay out all their profits Abbott Elementary‘s duration in the air. Quinta Bronson and ABC have not yet commented.

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