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Push Button SEO – Revolutionary New WordPress Plugin

If you have been online for the past few years then you know that blogging is an extremely profitable business to get into but the fact that “content is king” still applies. Many people think it is going to take months or even years to get started online and that it just wouldn’t be worth it but that is not the case.

The thought of blog creation brings to mind so many questions, especially to those who really have no experience with website creation themselves. You may be thinking about things like SEO, or how to write all that content, or how to get traffic, or even how to deal with social media aspect of your website?

Before you start jumping into these kinds of questions that will lead only to you quitting before you ever get started I suggest taking the process in a step by step fashion. You could start with the domain purchasing, then find hosting, and finally install WordPress on your blog. You are now ready to get started with content creation and SEO optimization. This is how we get the traffic and page rank we desire, and eventually hit the top of the search engine charts!

With technology growing at an exponential rate you can imagine how easy it is to start a website or blog and get to posting content within literally, a matter of seconds! I think people try to make website creation a hard process so that in the event they don’t succeed they can blame it on one excuse or another.

Take it upon yourself to use the tools and tricks that the professionals use because they are using them for very specific reasons. Some tools make search engine optimization easier for us, and others may help with content creation. There are plenty of tools available to you, and sometimes it can be hard to find the one’s that work best.

Most people know that some crucial tools used by the everyday WordPress blogger are the plugins “Google XML” and “All In One SEO Pack”. Both of these plugins will help with search engine indexing and optimization of your WordPress blog. But, these are just the foundation of the necessary plugins and there are a number of less known plugins that will help shoot your website to the top much faster and with much less effort.

You will find millions of people creating both paid and free plugins for WordPress and I definitely suggest starting with the free plugins first. You may be asking yourself why? Well, if the creator of the product (plugin in this case) is willing to offer a trial then they must believe that you will like the product so much that you will eventually upgrade. This is exactly what we need. We do not want to waste time fumbling through the garbage plugins that will cost us money when we could try the best ones for free right now!

If you have been wanting to start a website or blog I suggest using the WordPress platform. It makes creation very easy for the average Joe and also makes things like SEO and new plugin integration a breeze. If you have been online for years but still haven’t reached a satisfactory ranking then perhaps you should start making your life easier and invest some time in finding the tools that will work for you rather than working hard to find plugins that will never be worth the time you spent finding them.

Good luck to you no matter what your final goals may be, and I wish you success in any of your future business ventures.

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