Pass Go at Monopoly Dreams, an indoor theme park worth more than $ 20 million en route to Melbourne’s CBD in 2022

If there is one board game that unites and divides families more than Monopoly, we have not yet heard of it. Almost everyone knows the pain of landing on a property stacked with houses and having to go out with their last notes of pretending – but oh-so-real-feeling – cash. And conversely the delicious feeling of recipient the money and to beat your opponent bankrupt.

The monopoly was developed in the early 1900s and has become a worldwide gaming venue. Now, entrepreneurs Derek Lo and Stephen Lo (who are not related) are hoping to capitalize on that nostalgia and goodwill with Monopoly Dreams, an upcoming 1650-square-foot indoor amusement park in Melbourne Central. It is based on the Hong Kong original (the world’s first) – only twice as big.

“It’s our passion and mission to bring the good stuff from abroad to Australia,” says Derek, who is behind the local branch of the Chinese convenience store Miniso.

“You don’t see anything like it in Australia,” adds Stephen.

The Monopoly Dreams room will be divided into two sections: Monopoly City and Monopoly Mansion, where Mr Monopoly lives. There will be a total of 15 attractions across both zones, where you can win monopoly money to spend at the on-site cafe or retail store.

Visitors will pass Go through a neon-lit tunnel to enter Monopoly City, which is designed to reflect the layout of Melbourne itself, filled with trams and graffiti. In addition, there will be a 4D theater where you can ride the Monopoly Railway; Electric Company, where you generate energy on a bicycle; a waterworks projection game; the bank, filled with flying monopoly money to grab; and a wheel of chance to score real, physical prizes.

“We want to hand out really big prizes … it could be an airline coupon,” Derek says.

All Monopoly devils know how to throw a double to get out of jail. Similarly, in Monopoly Dreams, you will compete against six other people to roll a double (with a giant dice) first. “Putting their kids in jail is probably parents’ favorite part of the amusement park,” jokes Stephen.

You can also wander through the luxurious red and gold lobby and ascend via lift to Mr Monopoly’s mansion to check out the magic mirror and a huge gold helicopter tucked inside.

“[The helicopter] will break the Guinness World Record for the largest Monopoly token, ”says Stephen.

The $ 20 million theme park will be in Melbourne Central for at least the next 16 years and is expected to welcome 600,000 people annually. The lively space is targeted at families, with tickets for $ 30 to $ 40 dollars. The site will be open for public visits, birthday parties, school trips and special events such as weddings.

Down on the field, the men hope to bring more entertainment like this to Australia.

“This is not our last theme park. Our business is to create at least 10 different attractions around Australia,” says Derek.

Monopoly Dreams opens in Melbourne Central at the end of 2022.

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