NSW Labor leader Chris Minns uses budget response to accuse government of ‘spin’, promises preschools, toll relief

NSW opposition leader Chris Minns has criticized the state government for being “spin” in his budget response speech in parliament today.

Minns used the speech to begin outlining policies that Labor will take to the state elections in March, as an alternative to the coalition government.

“After 12 years of liberal and national government, after four liberal prime ministers and four liberal treasurers,” Mr Minns said.

“This prime minister and this treasurer have a press release for almost everything but a plan for almost nothing.”

He promised that a Labor government would build 100 kindergartens on existing primary school areas within its first term and said that all new primary schools should be built with a kindergarten.

Minns said the plan would help deliver the government’s proposed universal kindergarten one year faster than the current 2030 timeline.

“I think we have already waited long enough,” Mr Minns said.

“All of this will help deliver universal preschool for four-year-olds well before 2030.”

The opposition has also pledged to spend more on tolls for commuters than the government.

In the state budget, the government allocated $ 520 million over two years to a toll rebate scheme where commuters would get up to $ 750 shaved off their annual toll bill when they spend $ 375.

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