Netizens is responding to the cast of South Korea’s first gay romance reality show

South Korea finally gets its first reality show for gay romance. With the title His Love (alternative title The man’s romance), viewers were introduced to the 6 members of the cast when the first episode was launched on WAVVE on July 15, 2022. Not much is known beyond their names.

1. Eunchan

2. Hyukjun

3. Junghyun

4. Changyu

5. Sunyul

6. Changmin

Sunyul and Changmin are undoubtedly the most famous in the herd. Sunyul runs one Youtube channel called “Korean Gay YouTuber MELODY”With 14,200 subscribers.

On the other hand, Changmin has over 208,000 followers Instagram and also runs its own YouTube channel.

Netizens had nothing but praise for the great cast.

Netizens’ reactions to the cast. | theqoo

  • “In fact, as I scrolled down, they could slam most boys’ groups out of the water.”
  • “They all look good. It’s fun.”
  • “Everyone is beautiful …”
  • “Number 6 is beautiful.”
  • “3 and 6 are beautiful.”

Of course, Changmin attracted most of the attention with its fame and beautiful looks, but viewers are still invested in seeing how it unfolds. His Love is available via OTT platform WAVVE.

Source: theqoo

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