MAFS star Beck Zemek becomes really happy about motherhood after welcoming baby Immy

Becoming a new mom can be rewarding, exhausting and life-changing all in one, but the pressure on women to lose their baby weight has never been greater, especially in this day of social media and celebrities.

From reality TV royal Kylie Jenner to Australia’s top influencer Tammy Hembrow, the trend of snapback bodies sets unhealthy and unrealistic expectations, according to new mom and reality star Beck Zemek.

“I wish every mother’s expectation is about resting and literally liking, glorifying yourself, you’ve literally just pushed a human out,” she told PerthNow.

“I do not understand why you are so worried about this snap-back and all the pressure you put on yourself, but when you see it, especially on social media, which are so fictional … I think people just need to stop comparing themselves to that kind of thing. “

She was praised recently after the new mother shared a series of photos of her changing body after baby

The Perth star was once one of the most hated people in Australia after her stay at Gift at First Sight in 2021, but now Zemek has become the most beloved person for a little man.

In May, the reality star welcomed her first child, Imogen aka baby Immy, with partner Ben Michell, who she said has changed her entire life.

“I feel like the days are long, but the weeks are not, time seems to go so slowly but so fast. You always think what motherhood will be, but it’s not something like what you expect and you can only hope for the best, “she said.

“Immy has been the best baby ever. She’s just so cold. She came out chilled, she came out smiling, and she’s just been smiling ever since.”

The 28-year-old is known for being unfiltered and sharing much of her life, and that did not stop with both her pregnancy and birth experience.

Zemek shared his shocking 30-hour work trial with his 103,000 followers on Instagram.

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