Latest Biden news: President greets MBS with fistfight as rep Ilhan Omar says Saudi trip sends ‘wrong message’

Biden says the United States will use force as a ‘last resort’ to prevent Iranian nuclear weapons

Joe Biden has landed in Jeddah after making a historic flight as the first US president to fly directly from Israel to Saudi Arabia.

The visit includes a much-anticipated meeting with the Saudi king and crown prince and comes amid tensions over energy supply, civil liberties and security cooperation. Rep Ilhan Omar says the trip “sends the wrong message to anyone who cares about human rights”.

The journey is designed to reset America’s relationship with a country he once promised to make a “pariah” on the world stage. Prior to the visit, Israel and Saudi Arabia took an important step towards normalizing relations with an agreement on flights and the Red Sea Islands.

Before flying to Jeddah, the president tried to repair ties with Palestinians when he confirmed US support for “two states for two peoples”. He acknowledged, however, that “the ground is not ripe” for the resumption of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations.

Sir. Biden also announced just over $ 300 million in aid to the Palestinians and commitments from Israel to roll out 4G in the West Bank and improve freedom of movement.

After meeting with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas in Bethlehem, Mr Biden also visited the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem.


Saudi state television broadcasts footage of Biden meeting King Salman


Why is Biden changing his mind about making Saudi Arabia a ‘pariah nation’?

Joe Biden could not have been clearer.

Donald Trump’s administration, it was presented to him by a questioner, had failed to punish Saudi Arabia for the assassination of Jamal Khashoggi. If anything, it had cemented its ties, with Trump bowing to the Saudi king to receive a heavy and hanging gold necklace, no less Abdulaziz al Saud’s collar.

If he were president, what would Biden do? Would he punish the Saudi leaders?

“Yes. And I said at the time that Khashoggi was actually murdered and parted, and I believe in the Crown Prince’s order [Mohammed bin Salman]”He said with no small steel to his voice.

“I want to make it very clear that we would not sell more weapons to them. We will make them pay the price and make them, in fact, the pariah they are.”

Andrew Buncombe reports for The independent.


Khashoggi-fiancé posts what she thinks he would tweet today

Hatice Cengiz, the fiancée of the murdered journalist Jamal Khashoggi, has tweeted what she thinks he would have posted after seeing President Joe Biden meet with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

“Hi POTUS, is this the responsibility you promised for my murder? The blood from MBS ‘next victim is on your hands.”


Will Joe Biden’s trip to Saudi Arabia affect US gas prices?

When Joe Biden embarked on a multi-question mission to the Middle East, his first as president, a persistent problem for his administration weighed heavily on both White House staff and the media: oil prices.

What are the prospects for any significant impact on the pump?


While Biden is visiting Saudi Arabia, many are still targeted by official repression

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s reputation as a cheeky leader who has ruthlessly silenced critics and dissenters will cast a shadow over his meeting on Friday with US President Joe Biden.

The royal has put top princes on the sidelines that could pose a threat and monitored Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen. The 2018 assassination of Jamal Khashoggi inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul is still brewing – although the prince is credited with pushing through once unthinkable changes, allowing women to drive and travel freely, allow concerts, open cinemas and de-prisoners the once-feared religious police.


Biden and MBS ignore press issues, the report says

A report from Jeddah states that at the beginning of the meeting, both President Biden and Mohammed bin Salman ignored two shouted questions from the press pool.

“Do you want to apologize to Khashoggi’s family?”

“Is Saudi Arabia still a pariah?”


Saudi Foreign Ministry welcome photos

The fist bump from the other angle, as posted by the Saudi Foreign Ministry.


Bitten fist bumps MBS

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman met President Joe Biden at the door of Al Salam Royal Palace, where they will attend a bilateral meeting with King Salman bin Abdulaziz al Saud.

The two exchanged a short fist before going inside to the closed-door meeting.

New York Times White House correspondent Peter Baker notes that the prince was “unsmiling.”


Biden is the eighth president to visit the kingdom

Former White House CBS News correspondent Mark Knoller notes that Joe Biden is the eighth U.S. president to visit Saudi Arabia.

Both President GHW Bush and GW Bush visited twice, and Barack Obama was surprisingly four times in the Kingdom during his eight years in office.

And who could forget this moment from Donald Trump’s visit in 2017?

(Saudi Royal Palace / AFP via Getty)


Biden greeted on arrival in Jeddah

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