Lady Deborah James enjoys a pint of beer with mom after saying goodbye to her brother | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Deborah James, 40, has made sure to make the most of her last days as she enjoyed a pint in the sunshine with her mother.

She took to Instagram in the light of her 985,000 followers to share a photo of herself enjoying lunch in front of the canal at a country pub.

Deborah could be seen sitting with her mother, sipping a glass of wine while enjoying her pint.

She wrote the caption for the heartwarming image: “A lovely relaxing lunch in the sunshine.”

This happens when she recently said an emotional goodbye to her brother Ben as he goes on vacation with his fiance to the United States.

Deborah left him strict rules not to “return under any circumstances” as she finds the thought of saying goodbye to him incomprehensible.

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