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Keyword Domain Matching – A Crucial Service to Get More Results For Your Consulting Clients

Keyword domain matching is an important concept for an online marketing consultant to understand. You see, most people simply pick a short domain name for their business, because they think shorter is better. You don’t want a domain name that is too long, but at the same time you need to be aware of the concept known as keyword-domain matching. In this article I want to discuss this concept, and tell you why you need to be using this concept when setting up a web presence for clients.

For example, if the main keyword that you want to rank for is Atlanta dirt bike dealer, then you should see if the domain name is available. This concept is know as exact domain matching, and it can be very beneficial when dealing with on-page search engine optimization. If you can get the exact match domain name for your consulting clients, then by all means buy them. It makes search engine optimization a lot easier when you get an exact match domain.

In order to get an exact match domain you need to go to one of the many domain registrars online, such as GoDaddy or NameCheap. Here you will be able to check and see if certain domain names are available. If an exact match domain name is already taken, then you can make the last word plural, and still get many of the same benefits.

This is a very crucial part of the on-page SEO strategy that you need to be implementing for a company. This will make the off-page SEO such as link building, link diversification, etc. much easier, and you will get results much faster! Put the concept of keyword domain matching into your arsenal and you will receive better results when trying to rank for your keywords!

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