Jacques O’Neill’s family speaks out after the reality star has been thrown out for his behavior in the Villa

Love Island UK viewers have not been impressed by Jacques O’Neill’s behavior in the program, but now his family has commented on his actions.

Despite having a strong connection with Paige Thorne, Jacques flirted with other girls in the Casa Amor dispute and even kissed Cheyanne Kerr.

After it came back to Paige, the couple’s connection was understandably strained. Things only got worse for the couple when the bomb Adam Collard entered the Villa and became interested in Paige immediately.

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That made Jacques furious, and his outburst made Paige less than impressed.

The following morning, Jacques decided to leave the villa after revealing that he did not feel himself and needed to return to it on the outside.

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Viewers on Twitter were quick to comment on Jacques’ behavior, especially towards Paige, during his time at the villa.

“You can accept that Jacques has really struggled and needs help, while acknowledging the toxic and manipulative behavior he displayed towards Paige,” one tweeted, receiving over 27,000 likes.

Another hinted at Jacques’ angry outburst by posting a picture, joking about what his bedroom wall might look like.

While islanders are on the show, their social media accounts are managed by a caregiver who is usually a family member or friend.

Jacques’ siblings made a post to warn fans that the reality star has ADHD and encouraged fans of the show to be a little more understanding and compassionate towards him.

“Jacques was diagnosed with ADHD when he was 9 years old,” the post began.

“This is by no means a free clause for his actions, but it is to show that he can sometimes fundamentally struggle with his emotions.

“He’s a great person that I’m proud to call my friend / little brother.

“All the hatred that is thrown at Jacques does not go directly to him … It comes to his loved ones, who have always supported him, and not only while he is on Love Island.

Love Island, even if it is genuine. Is still a show where the producers have control and we see 45 minutes out of the 1,440 in 24 hours.

“Please ♥ ️.”

Love Island UK 2022 season 8 Jacques Paige
Jacques and Paige were both in tears after Jacques revealed he was leaving the villa. (9 nu)

The caption was posted along with an image quoting PsychCentral.com’s ADHD page. There stood:

“Sometimes people living with ADHD can behave in ways that appear rude or disrespectful. This behavior can stem from challenges with self-control, executive function, and self-stimulating actions.

“How you perceive their behavior often depends on your understanding of ADHD symptoms. If you start looking at things from their perspective, you can see that it’s not so rude anyway.”

Love Island UK Jacques O'Neill season 8
Jacques was in tears the day he left the villa. (Nine)

The post helped viewers understand the reality star’s behavior on the show.

“Thank you so much for sharing. It makes so much sense now,” one commented. “I could not understand why he behaved in a certain way, and at times I felt as if I saw 2 completely different people!”

Love Island UK 2022 season 8 Jacques Paige
Paige was not impressed with how Jacques handled himself. (9 nu)

“Well said, my son has ADHD as well as Tourettes, and both are very misunderstood by most people x ❤️,” wrote another, with both comments receiving over 100 likes.

While Jacques has now left the villa, only time will tell if there will ever be a romantic future with Paige for Islander.

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