Is Conor Benn Paid Against Chris Eubank Jr.?

Eubank Jr. vs.  Benn box picture

By Jack Tiernan: Coach Joe Gallagher feels young welterweight Conor Benn is already seeking to cash out against middleweight Chris Eubank Jr. without ever having won titles at the national level during his short six-year professional career.

The fight has cash-out written all over it for Benn and you have to wonder why he would look to take this step at this early stage in his career.

Does he feel he is not up to the task of mixing it up with the other young lions, Jaron ‘Boots’ Ennis and Vergil Ortiz Jr?

It is said that the 32-year-old Eubank Jr. will drop to 156 or 157 lbs to fight Benn in a catchweight on October 8th DAZN pay-per-view.

The fight is considered criminal in the eyes of some fans because Benn is being thrown to the wolves in this competition and it is believed that the potential of his career is shortened due to the risk of physical injury to the great punching player Eubank Jr.

It can in some ways be compared to how Kell Brook moved up from welterweight to challenge middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin for his IBF / IBO / WBC belts in September 2016.

At the time, Brook was the IBF 147-lb champion, who agreed to move up to 160 at short notice to challenge Golovkin. The result was a disaster for Brooks’ career, in which he suffered an injury by losing after a knockout in the fifth round.

Gallagher does not understand how a fight between 25-year-old Benn (21-0, 15 KOs) and former IBO super middleweight champion Eubank Jr (32-2, 23 KOs) could be sanctioned.

It is not only the fact that Benn fought against even local boys at the British or Commonwealth level, but Eubank Jr. has never fought below 159 in his career. He could be emptied of the fight and he could get hurt against Benn if he is in a weakened state.

Conor Benn lacks experience

“Fair play for them. Conor Benn, it’s a tough business you want to make money,” Joe Gallagher told Secondsout about Benn’s potential fight against middleweight Chris Eubank Jr. in October.

“Eubank Jr. obviously wants to make money, but for boxing, we’re taking this fight from hardcore to YouTubers, and it’s becoming an event.

“Where’s Young Benn’s plan? fighting for an English, a British, a Commonwealth, European or a world, and where has Eubank Jr’s drive gone become world champion? He should fight one of the top three middleweights or super middleweights, ”Gallagher said.

Some boxing fans would see Benn’s decision to fight Eubank Jr. in what appears to be a career payout as a sign that he lacks the confidence to hold it out at 147, as he would mess with the young gun Jaron ‘Boots’ Ennis.

Benn has been told that the fight against Boots Ennis is a completely different kettle fish than the old guys that his promoter Eddie Hearn has fed him one after another. If Benn feels he could never beat Boots Ennis, a cash-out against Eubank Jr. makes sense.

Benn will make millions by fighting Eubank Jr., moves to Surrey and lives like a king in a castle with maids and a pedestrian. According to Playerswiki, Conor’s net worth is $ 7.9 million. That’s huge money for a fighter who hasn’t won a world championship. If Benn fights Eubank Jr., you can not imagine that number will easily swell to over $ 10 million.

“Another thing is if you took the Eubank and Benn names off them and presented them to the board [it could be problems]said Gallagher. “‘I have a welterweight here who has never fought for an English, British or Commonwealth title going against a child. [Eubank Jr] it was a former world champion at IBO, been to the World Boxing Super Series, fought George Groves, and I think the highest Eubank Jr. has been 159 in 2015.

“He is [Eubank Jr] have never reached the weight they are talking about, seven years later. There are definitely alarm bells and health risks. I’m sure that fight will not be sanctioned. But because it’s a Benn and an Eubank, you’re really buying into it because of their fathers.

“It’s really a big excuse where we’re gone boxing. So what are we going to have next time in two years? Campbell Hatton vs. Anthony Crolla’s son, William.

Money Benn out?

“Where are we going with this? What happened to the traditional route to want to win the title and become world champion, ”said Gallagher. “I’m probably going to stick to this for being the old school of boxing and want to do things the traditional way.

To do it this way, it’s a payout from Conor where he can rebuild instead of going and fighting on because in that division in welterweight there is no chance of winning a world title when one has Boots Ennis and that kind of fighters. It is very difficult for him.

“Eubank Jr., come on. It’s middle or super middleweight; get in the mix and fight Caleb Plant. Let’s do Billy Joe Saunders again. There’s big fights at your weight. Emotionally, he [Eubank Jr] thinking for himself; it’s easy to fight with a welterweight and all that build.

“For the younger generation, and boxing is losing fans, the attraction for 13- and 17-year-olds is dwindling. They all watch UFC and MMA. Maybe we need that kind of thing. [Eubank Jr vs.  Benn] to bring fans back to the sport.

“That’s where we’re going now, isn ‘t it? That’s where we’re going with Benn and Eubank Jr. [towards the YouTuber realm]. We understand when we saw Triller and they do like Roy Jones and Mike Tyson after their careers, Gallagher said.

Eubank Jr. vs. Benn = risky for both

“Let’s just concentrate on careers,” Gallagher continued. “Why not go out and become world champion in middleweight, or why not become British champion in welterweight? I do not think Conor Benn has fought for the English. I do not think he has. I do not think he has run 12 laps.

»Already the rumors are circulating. Eubank Jr. will accept it; he shows up, loses weight, pays the fine, and the fight still continues. It grabs the straw to try to make a fight in British boxing, yet there are really good fights to make in British boxing, really good fights.

“We’re just about to have good home games and everyone’s fighting each other. I just think the promoters are working together.

“We’ve seen it in the past over the years. Lennox Lewis-Mike Tyson, Mayweather-Pacquiao, all the big games that they said could not be made were eventually made. I think for the good of the sport, everyone should sit down and just make a deal that is fair and reasonable.

“The fights are the ones responsible. They should demand. When you are a boxer and you become a professional, you choose your coach, you choose your manager, and you choose your promoter. The fighter should say, ‘No, you go out for me; you get a percentage and make that fight for me. ‘

“That’s it. The board needs to start getting them to fight and also put them together.

“For Conor Benn, there is the experience and everything else. I’m not beating Conor Benn. I think he has improved a lot since he first came up with it. He had the risky fight [Cedrick Peynaud] early in his career, but he has come out really well. Tony Simms does a great job with him.

“I’m a huge Conor Benn fan, but I’m just thinking to myself, it’s a bit of a payout. But Eubank Jr. has been at 168 and 160, and now you take him down to 158, 156, and the lightest in his career is 159.

“He has to be assessed and looked at all the time, because if anything were to happen, wow. All for a dollar price. There was a big outcry about putting Kell Brook with GGG [in 2016]. He moved up a few weight divisions [from welterweight to middleweight].

“Kell Brook was the world champion in [147-lb] the weight distribution moves up. Conor Benn has never fought at that level. It could be [dangerous]. I want to make sure everything is done right, but Eubank Jr. gained weight for a reason. He did not move down, did he? ” said Gallagher.


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