Improved boxing score: Mets 8, Cubs 0

The losing streak continues at a rapid pace. You did not expect the Mets to be the soft spot to fall, did you?

This was a particularly bad one as the Cubs had not been shut out since June 19, and had not been shut out of 8 or more runs since June 11 against the other New York team.

Keegan Thompson did not have his good command tonight, he often fell behind in the count, was missing in the zone, threw only 50 strokes out of 92 lanes and went four in his 4.1 innings of five-run ball.

Things did not get better from there as Mark Leiter Jr.’s homerun problems continued and a Brandon Nimmo shot and a Pete Alonso shot turned the game from not-so-close to a blowout.

Offensively, the Cubs mustered more or less nothing against Carlos Carrasco (except for a David Ross expulsion) and the Mets bullpen. Just a remarkably imperceptible loss.

The Cubs charged the bases in the 9th, I think. Do you get anything for it?

Full box score.

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