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How to Create a Website – Start Your Online Business With Your Own Website

To start your online business you might need to develop some new skills. One skill that can be useful is the ability to create your own website. Your website can consist of one page or as many pages as you want. Creating a website can be done in very little time once you have the necessary knowledge and tools. I have listed a few steps to get you started in creating your own website.

Get a Domain Name – A domain name can be purchased from a domain registration company (registrar). Two companies that I see recommended the most often are GoDaddy and Namecheap. Ideally your domain name should be short and easy to remember and tell something about your website. Unless your website is area specific, it is best to use dotcom for the ending. A domain name will only cost a few dollars.

Choose a Web Host – Once you have a domain name you will need to choose a hosting company. Most hosting companies charge around $10 per month for hosting (sometimes less). You can do a search for hosting companies to do some comparison shopping. One company that many people recommend is Hostgator.

Nameserver – A nameserver links together your host with your registrar. You only need to change your nameserver if your host and your registrar are different companies. You will get the nameserver information from your hosting company and change the nameserver at your registrar. When people enter your URL they will be sent to your hosting company where your website is located.

Get a Web Editor– A web editor is software that is used to create web pages. There are many web editors from which to choose, some cost, some are free. You can search for web editors and find the one that best suits you. One that is free and very good is Kompozer.

Create Your Website– You will need to download the web editor that you have chosen. After you have downloaded your web editor, you can begin creating your web page(s). The details of actually creating web pages are beyond the scope of this article. I have given you a link at the end of this article to get a free eBook that gives you a step-by-step guide on how to create a website from scratch.

Publish Your Web Page– When you have finished creating your web page(s), you will need to upload to your hosting company (publish). You can use your web editor to publish your web page(s). You will need to fill in a publishing page with your website name, publishing address, and username and password from your hosting account. Once you have published your website you are online and ready to go.

Starting an online business will take some time, effort, and possibly learning some new skills. It may not be as quick and easy as some people tell you, but with patience, perseverance, and the right system you can be successful.

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