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How to Choose From 5 Proven Strategies to Make Money Online!

Over 24 million people are working from home right now. That’s a lot of people, and every year more people are leaving their jobs to live this exact same dream. I’m on my way, so hopefully, this article can provide some helpful information to move you in that direction too.

Promoting with Articles. is a terrific resource. Search your topics for ideas. You can also check out for popular articles and ideas. However, if you want to significantly increase your readership, check out This pay per month service can automatically distribute your articles to hundreds and hundreds of places like

Promoting with Classifieds. You may want to begin with some proven, basic methods such as using newspapers to take out classified ads. Competition has lightened due to online advertising. Or, to put out classified ads immediately and for some immediate results, check out You can set up a free account and a featured account. Your ads can show up on, as well as many other websites.

Promoting with the Public. Take advantage of proven, old-fashioned methods such as flyers, business cards, signage, magnets, pens, etc. Check out sites such as for free business cards and inexpensive options.

Promoting with Google. Take advantage of using Google AdWords, Google Search Network, Google Content Network. Some basic research will highlight and define each method, so you can determine how to leverage these tools. Other Methods include, Social Networking, Press Releases, and Classified Ads. There are many ways to promote your product or other products, as an owner, and as an affiliate.

Additionally, it is essential to create an easy to remember domain name. If you already have one that is difficult to remember and communicate, create a new domain name. After purchasing a domain name, you can use the free forwarding option on a site such as Stick with the basics, don’t fall for the upsells listed on this site.

Become an expert at just a few of the above mentioned methods and you will stand out and maintain a sharp focus. Do not try to master every strategy, especially when just starting out. Instead, stick with 2-3 strategies at first and become a well-prepared, effective expert. Take some time to do your research. Dig into the ideas and sites I’ve highlighted above and find out what works best for you. Above, I included some details, steps, and a few helpful websites.

For step-by-step directions, and a rolodex of helpful sites, read on. I can say that for me, getting started was the hardest part. Now, I’m making money online!

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