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How to Buy a Domain Name

The first question that comes to peoples mind while starting their online business is,” how to buy a domain name”.

I’ll be clearing that up for you, as well as give you some friendly tips and tricks while beginning your journey online. Lets get started!

We first need to understand what exactly is a “domain”.

A domain name is what people see in the address bar when they visit your website.

It is essentially your brand on the internet. When starting out it is important to select a name that people are likely to rememberand is easy enough to type in the address bar.

It should be short, catchy and related to your websites content. There are two types of domain names:

  1. Keyword Rich

  2. Brandable

A keyword rich domain is one that has high-ranking keywords in it, which can get loads of traffic. But this is one which generally has short term success and is limited to a particular topic.


A brandable name is one where you can establish your own new brand, and earn visitors and generate good revenue from your website. This generally has a long term success, but doesn’t get lots of initial traffic.

Examples: and (These don’t sell fruits or rivers, yet they are hugely successful)

The best domain to select would be having both of the above in one. That is having a brandable domain which is rich in keywords.

If however if that is not available to you, select a name that you can easily share with friends and family, offline or online. In some cases it is also helpful to have an exact match domain, which we’ll learn about in detail below:

EMD’sWhat are they? EMD stands for Exact Match Domain. This is when your domain name, exactly matches the name of your business online. Say for example I have an online business named, “Unlimited Internet Success” and my domain name is, that wold be having an exact match domain.

What are the benefits? Previously EMD’s had a lot of ranking power when it came to web sites. However times have changed and their importance has decreased. This however does not mean that they are not useful anymore. Having an EMD, with a low competition keyword can really help with the rankings. Just not as much as it used to.

We have covered our domain names and its types. We’ll now be looking at domain extensions.

TLD’s or Top Level Domains: These are the highest rated domain extensions, namely:

  • .com
  • .net
  • .org

I’ll now be discussing why these are important and what you choose choose.

When the internet was first launched these extensions were used to categorize the large volume of websites at the time. They originally stood for:

  • .com – website with commercial intent
  • .net – websites related to network and computer topics
  • .org – websites denoting a non profit organization

Since then much more domain extensions have popped up and apart from perception the above extensions don’t relate to their topics anymore. Basically what this means is that anyone can have website, whether it be for commercial purpose or not.

But whilst selecting your website, your first domain preference should be .com.

The reason for this is because, .com is the most prevalent extension on the internet. And people generally assume the extension of a website to

If your desired domain name is not available, try some slight variations. For example, if is unavailable, try going for or any other variation. Only if all possible variations are taken, then look into the .net and .org extensions.

Rankings? Ranking-wise there is no difference between the TLD’s. It all depends on the quality, quantity and consistency of your website. For example, if I registered two domains – and But only published articles on, it would get a better ranking then extension.

Excellent work so far! You’ve learned all about the domain types, their extensions and how they affect rankings in Google. Now comes the fun part – purchasing and registering your domain.

Where can you buy one from? My top three recommendations from which you should purchase your domain names are:

  1. Namecheap

  2. GoDaddy

  3. 1and1

I’ll now be going through their advantages and disadvantages:

We’ll start with NameCheap. This is my top recommendation when it comes to purchasing domain names. This is because the prices are standard with no up-sells, and each domain comes with a free 1-year Whois Guard subscription. Also the domains are registered fairly quickly and the support is great.

My second recommendation is GoDaddy. This is perhaps the most commonly used domain registrar on the internet. However whenever you choose to buy a domain name from GoDaddy, they bombard you with up-sells. By the time you reach your checkout you’ll be looking at a whole different price than what you first saw.

My last recommendation is 1and1. This has the cheapest prices when it comes to domain names, however it takes a lot of time for your domain to be registered. It took me 1 week for my domain to get registered with 1and1, and I also faced billing issues.

That’s pretty much all there is to domain names, and how you can get one for yourself. I wish all of you good luck with your new domain!

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