Hong Kong relaxes COVID-19 restrictions on inbound travelers and drops hotel quarantine

Hong Kong’s leader has announced that the city will no longer require incoming travelers to quarantine at designated hotels as the city seeks to open up globally after nearly two years.

Incoming travelers will also no longer need a negative PCR test within 48 hours before boarding a flight to Hong Kong, the city’s chief executive John Lee said Friday at a news conference.

Instead, they must present a negative COVID-19 result from a rapid antigen test performed within 24 hours before boarding the flight.

All international arrivals will be able to return home or to accommodation of their choice, but will have to self-monitor for three days after entering the Chinese special administrative hub, the government said.

People will be allowed to go to work or school, but will not be allowed to enter bars or restaurants for three days.

The measures will come into effect on Monday.

“Although we can control the trend of the epidemic, we must allow the maximum space to allow connection with the world so that we can get economic momentum and reduce the inconvenience for arriving travelers,” said Lee, who also said that the authorities will not roll back those measures back that was announced on Friday.

He said there must be a “balance between risks and economic growth”.

From Monday, travelers to Hong Kong must undergo three days of home surveillance. If they test negative for COVID-19 after three days, they will be allowed access to places such as restaurants and bars.

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