Haim review – the three hip-swinging sisters rocker Glasgow | Times 2

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Haim has the best concert opening in rock right now. Wearing matching black leather pants and bikini tops, the California sisters progress their arrival on stage and shift the spotlight to slowly build it slinky Now I’m in it, which ends up with the trio encountering boiler drums side by side. As seen at Glastonbury, it’s a set piece showing Haim’s newfound fun side.

Hydro with 14,000 capacity was far from sold out – parts of seats were closed off – but when Haim closed their second song I know alone, with a hair-raising, hip-swinging, hectic tempo dance routine going back to Destiny’s Child’s days, fans were too nervous to worry.

Released mid-2020, Haim’s Grammy-nominated third album Women in Music Pt

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