Hackers steal CS: GO skins worth $ 2 million from the collector

Anyone who plays Counter-Strike: Global Offensive knows that it’s a cosmetics collector’s first and first person shooter next.

Some players take their cosmetic inventory very seriously, which they can buy and sell for hundreds of pounds.

Now an unfortunate collector claims that their entire holdings – worth an estimated $ 2 million – have been stolen by hackers (thanks, PCGamesN).

In a tweet, collector ohnePixel claims this constituted “the most expensive inventory ever”, which contained some of the most legendary items in the CS: GO meta.

The ‘no-star’ karambite and ‘# 1 blue pearl’ variant of the karambit box-hardened knife are said to be worth around $ 1.4m USD alone.

According to ohnePixel, half of the inventory has already been sold, while the other half has been transferred to the hacker’s Steam account and is currently on hold.

It’s unclear how ohnePixel’s Steam account was compromised, but they say they are now desperately trying to reach support staff at Valve to give back control of their account.

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