Elix launches “Elix Discovery ™”, the only all-in-one platform that provides everything needed for AI drug discovery, from models to property prediction and molecular design to AI consulting and implementation support

TOKYO, July 14, 2022– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Elix, Inc., an AI drug discovery company with the mission “Rethinking Drug Discovery” (CEO: Shinya Yuki / Headquarters: Tokyo; hereinafter referred to as “Elix”) launched “Elix Discovery ™,” the only all-in-one platform that delivers everything needed for AI drug discovery, from models to property prediction and molecular design to AI consulting and implementation support.

Drug discovery using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning attracts attention to shorten the time required for drug discovery, reduce the associated costs and improve success rates. However, pharmaceutical companies face major barriers to the introduction of AI due to insufficient knowledge of AI technology, difficulties in understanding how to use existing AI tools, lack of an intuitive and integrated platform and the need to consider the best way to leverage AI for each specific drug discovery project.

Elix Discovery ™ is the only all-in-one platform that provides a wide range of AI models, intuitive graphical user interface (GUI), expert implementation support and advice, and knowledge for AI drug discovery. The platform provides essential features for the discovery of AI drugs and will continue to grow from ongoing updates as new developments occur in the constantly evolving AI field. While many AI companies are secretive and do not disclose their knowledge and methods to customers, Elix, Inc. values transparency and open knowledge sharing with our customers to help them accumulate experience in the discovery of AI drugs.

Key modules in Elix Discovery ™

  1. Elix Predict: By entering the structure of the chemical compound in AI models, key information about the compound can be predicted, such as activity against a target, physicochemical properties and ADMET properties.

  2. Elix Create (molecular design): Generative AI models make it possible to algorithmically create connections with desired properties. Molecules can be optimized for a variety of factors, including target activity, physico-chemical properties, ADMET, and easy synthesis. Predictive models from Elix Predict can also be easily used for molecular optimization thanks to the integrated design of Elix Discovery ™.

  3. Elix Assist (Active Learning): A series of methods for effective training of AI models when there is little or no experimental data available. Active learning based on predictive AI models is used to suggest the connections needed to collect the next set of experimental data based on an optimization algorithm, thereby enabling the training of high-performance models with fewer experiments.

Features of Elix Discovery ™

  1. An all-in-one platform to streamline drug discovery

    Pharmaceutical companies need several types of AI models and data processing features to perform AI drug discovery, and Elix Discovery ™ is an all-in-one platform that implements these models and features. From property prediction to molecular design, Elix Discovery har has all the essential features of AI drug discovery and provides them in a modular architecture that allows users to seamlessly utilize these features across the platform.

    Many pharmaceutical companies feel the need to have their own AI drug discovery platform. However, the construction of the entire system internally entails a number of difficulties, including the many years and large costs required for the development, employment and training of skilled engineers with expertise in several areas, and the need for ongoing updates and technical support. By introducing Elix Discovery ™, which has already been developed specifically for AI drug discovery and tested in the field by existing users, a high quality environment for AI drug discovery can be established in a short time. In addition, the platform is constantly updated, which allows for easy and fast introduction of cutting-edge technology in a rapidly changing field.

  2. Individual advice, support and know-how provided by researchers and engineers

    Pharmaceutical companies have been slow to use AI, not only because of the lack of superior AI tools, but also a lack of know-how about AI in specific, individual situations that arise in drug discovery. In cases where pharmaceutical companies rely on AI consulting firms, it may not be possible to accumulate internal expertise.

    Elix’s researchers, who have consulting experience with several companies, will provide support while openly sharing their knowledge, ranging from proposing solutions to specific issues to lectures on how to use the platform and background knowledge on AI and deep learning. For complex issues, Elix’s engineers will work on behalf of the customer to create and analyze AI models and deliver them in a format that can be reproduced by the customer.

    Even in pharmaceutical companies employing computer chemists, the small number of such chemists limits the support they can provide to medical chemists in the use of AI. Elix provides a complete, integrated platform and consulting service for the discovery of AI drugs, including the training of medical chemists who can use AI via the Elix Discovery. Platform.

  3. Chemist-first UI / UX

    Drug discovery is by no means a challenge that can be solved by AI alone; the medical chemist’s knowledge is critically important. Elix Discovery ™ is a platform developed with this philosophy in mind, and designed to let the medical chemist harness the power of AI and deep learning. Even medical chemists with limited knowledge of AI can use the system intuitively without worrying about the choice of AI parameters and other details thanks to an automated optimization procedure when creating AI models. In addition, computational chemists who are more familiar with AI can perform detailed configurations and easily share the models they make on the platform with medical chemists for immediate use. .

Kaken Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has entered into a contract to use Elix Discovery ™

Elix has already delivered the Elix Discovery til platform to Kaken Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (President and CEO: Hiroyuki Horiuchi / Headquarters: Tokyo; hereinafter referred to as “The Cake”), and began advising and supporting AI drug discovery operations at its Drug Discovery Center (in Kyoto) in May 2022.

The cake was established in 1948 with its roots in the Riken Foundation, which has produced many extremely important scientists in the history of Japanese science, including Yoshio Nishina, considered the father of modern physics, as well as Nobel Prize winners Hideki Yukawa and Shinichiro Tomonaga. Starting with the manufacture and sale of penicillin the same year, Kaken has introduced many ethical drugs, including Mentax, Fibrast and more recently Clenafin and Regroth, with particular strength in therapeutic areas such as dermatology and orthopedics (https://www.kaken.co .jp / english /).

Elix will continue to contribute to solving challenges in drug discovery through the ongoing development of Elix Discovery ™.

About Elix, Inc.

Elix, Inc. is an AI drug discovery company with the mission of “reconsidering drug discovery.” We are developing our business for pharmaceutical companies, universities and research institutions by focusing on machine learning to reduce the huge costs and time involved in drug discovery and improve the success rate. Visit https://www.elix-inc.com/ for more details.

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