Elephant and baby rescued in dramatic rescue from manhole in Thailand | Thailand

Veterinarians and park staff have carried out a dramatic rescue of a pair of elephants in Thailand that involved three people using a boom lift, a digger and the resuscitation of an unconscious mother.

The rescue took place in pouring rain in central Nakhon Nayok province on Wednesday when a one-year-old elephant fell into a drain hole in the road. The distressed mother was standing guard over her calf, according to national park staff, but also fell shortly after she was stunned.

Elephant mother and calf rescued from drain in Thailand – video

Rescuers used a truck-mounted boom lift to pull the mother out before climbing on top of her to perform simultaneous cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) as a digger cleared the ground away so the anxious calf could crawl out of the slippery mud.

The calf began to suckle its mother, who quickly regained consciousness, and both immediately returned to nature.

A man stands over a stunned elephant mother in the rain
Rescue workers perform CPR on an elephant mother in Nakhon Nayok province, Thailand. Photo: Taanruuamchon / Reuters

It took the team more than three hours to complete the operation.

Sky News reported that Dr. Chananya Kanchanasarak, Khao Yai National Park’s ward veterinarian, said: “It was impossible to get close to the baby while the mother was nearby, so we gave her three doses of sedatives, but she moved towards her baby before fainting. and struck her head. “

An elephant calf sits in a manhole on top of a drainpipe
An elephant calf is stuck in a drainage well in Khao Yai National Park, Thailand. Photo: Taanruuamchon / Reuters

Chananya said it was “one of the most memorable rescues we have made”.

An excavator is lowered into a manhole where an elephant calf is stuck
Rescue workers use an excavator to free an elephant calf after it fell into a manhole. Photo: Taanruuamchon / Reuters

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