Dive into the deep end of this new pizza joint – where Chicago-style thick, cheesy pies rule

Melbourne does many things excellent – coffee, rooftop bars, theater. And pizza.

And now there’s a new player bringing American-style records to the inner north. Tomorrow, Deep End opens on Brunswick Street in Fitzroy, guided by chef and co-owner Paul Kasten (Deeds Taproom and Host Dining).

“I have been a little obsessed with [pizza] for a couple of decades now, ”says Kasten Broadsheet. “For a long time, I wanted to take all the technology and product knowledge I captured to make very refined food, and apply it to a more relaxed and accessible concept.”

Deep End will excel with a range of three iconic pizza styles: New York-style thin crust; the crisp corners of Detroit-style focaccia base; and magnificent Chicago-style filled deep-dish pizza – as Kasten says, is not as common in Melbourne as the others.

“It has a rich, tender top and bottom crust filled with heaps of cheese and toppings in between, and the pizza sauce baked on top,” he says. “It’s a very decadent opportunity once in a while, but one that will definitely get people’s attention – as it did for me when I went to university a few hours from Chicago.”

There are a number of classic toppings and toppings to the left of center, including a mussel pie with bacon and Grana Padano, and the thyme crunch with confit garlic, mascarpone, mozzarella, potato and guanciale. Plus, four different chili salts, each more spicy than the next.

For the sides, you can expect brûléed chicken liver parfait, whipped taleggio with charred spring onions and focaccia and a decadent toasted bone marrow with toast and herbal salad.

Enter from “the deep end of Brunswick Street” – behind a graffiti exterior – into the relaxed, industrial space with bold splashes of red. The cast is joined by beer connoisseurs co-owners Kate Paterson, Kyle Campbell and Rasmus Gundel, so it’s no surprise that the local craft beer is strong here, plus you’ll find wines and easy-drinking cocktails.

Kasten wants it to be a space for everyone: “The local favorite pizza shop is just one of the things we fall back on, whether the atmosphere is festive, we’ve had a hard day and need something comforting, or just want to eat something we know we will love. “

And – as an opening special – the diner is giving away 100 bigger than usual corner slices of Detroit-style pizza on Wednesday, June 29 from 6 p.m. 12.00 until sold out. They come from a new takeaway slice window that opens the same day.

Deep End opens Friday, June 24th.

Deep end

412a Brunswick Street, Fitzroy


Wed to Sun 12.00-14.30, 18.00-23.00


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