Deadpool 3’s MCU Story Teased by Writers

Deadpool 3 fans have been forced to wait a long time for the return of the Merc with the Mouth, but it looks like things are now moving along.

Ever since it was announced that Deadpool would be joining the MCU and that his movies would continue to be R-rated, fans have been thirsty for more information. Now it looks like updates could finally start to come through very slowly as to what we will see when Deadpool 3 arrives, with writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese having dropped a little tease while promoting their new movie, Spiderhead.

Deadpool was on shaky ground for a little while after the Fox/Disney merger, with his third movie hanging in limbo for a while. Of course, for fans, this was a potential lose-lose situation, with many believing that either the franchise would be dropped or would be forced to conform with the MCU regular PG-13 rating. However, there was little chance that a franchise as popular as Deadpool was going to be allowed to just slip away, and soon Deadpool 3 was on, and it was confirmed to be aiming for its usual R-rating.


Now, Reese has given a first hint at the type of movie we can expect when Deadpool presumedly forms part of the MCU’s Phase 5. Speaking to Post Cred Pod, the writer said:

“It’s a wonderful opportunity for fish-out-of-water. Deadpool is a lunatic at the center of a movie. To drop a lunatic into a very sane world, it’s straight butter. It’s going to be really fun.”

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Ryan Reynolds Says It Was Hell Getting Deadpool Off The Ground

While it seems impossible now to believe that at one point it was a struggle to bring Deadpool to screens, Ryan Reynolds recently recalled how hard it was to not only get the movie green-lit, but also make it on a fraction of the budget given other superhero movies of the time. Reynolds said:

“I spent ten years trying to get Deadpool made – it was hell. We shot some test footage, some absolute bastard leaked it onto the internet, and that’s what got the movie made. The studio never really believed in it so they gave us absolutely nothing compared with other comic book movies. We had to make every dollar feel like ten.”

Of course, Deadpool made every bit of its $58 million budget count, and that led to a movie that delivered everything fans had hoped for after the character’s disastrous appearance in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and a box office haul of $780 million. While the sequel almost made exactly the same amount of money, the immediate confirmation that Deadpool 3 would follow hit the rocks when Fox and Disney’s merger completed. Add in further delays caused by the Covid pandemic, and that is pretty much where we are now.

Although work is clearly still going on with the script for Deadpool 3, there has certainly been a lot of talk about it recently, and with Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige seemingly ready to lay out the future roadmap of the MCU, we could find out a more definite timeframe for Deadpool’s return in the next few months.

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