DC Comics is asking fans for the best sidekick, and consensus is unanimous

DC Comics has just conducted an online poll where they asked fans who they think the best sidekick is and the results had a very clear and unanimous trend.

Fans of DC Comics was asked in a poll which sideman was the best as the protagonist, and consensus was absolutely unanimous. Online polls are nothing new for comic book fans. They allow people to debate who they think is the best or most powerful character in a statement that shows how people feel about a topic. Some issues in the past have included things like favorite heroes, favorite villains, best comic book editions, and a debate about who is most powerful. DC Comics has even made an annual thing out of polls by getting fans to choose which hero they would like to see get a new series in their Round Robin tournament. Now DC has released a new poll regarding some of the most overlooked parts of a hero team: sidekicks.


Sidekicks have been a part of comic book history for as long as the medium has existed. For every Batman or Captain America, there is a Robin or Bucky Barnes to help them get the job done and save the day. Sidekicks give heroes someone to play out of and open up the possibility of more stories as readers learn more about them than the star. There have been tons of favorites over the years, and DC took to the internet to find out who their fans consider the best.

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On their Twitter, DC Comics tweeted a simple question: “Which DC sidekick has protagonist energyGiven DC’s wide range of sidekicks, this opened the door to so many possibilities as so many started out as sidekicks and ended up getting their own series, one of the most notable being Harley Quinn. But fans made their voices heard and it’s pretty obvious who the winner was.Nightwing, also known as Dick Grayson, was an overwhelming choice among fans.The former Robin has been a favorite for years now with constantly new stories.One commentator, Kenz-chanaddressed the amazing amount of Nightwing responses by saying “I want to say that Robin (Dick Grayson) is unfaithful. But I also do not care. He’s amazing. “Take a look at a few of the most notable answers that herald Nightwing as the best possible choice.

However, this is not to say that Nightwing was the only option. In fact, there were some interesting choices from other fans. Some other characters that were notable for gaining some recognition were Batgirl, Superboy, Damian Wayne, Tim Drake, Wally West and Zatanna. Even the official Twitter for Founder of Peace HBO Max series got into the fun and proclaimed that Eagly had the best main character energy. Here are just a few of the highlights from the fans.

Online polls like the DC made about sidekicks are a great way to get the community together. As can be seen from the results of the hypothetical question, it is clear that Nightwing has and will always have a strong following among DC readers for many years to come. What’s even better, though, is that it also showed a passionate fanbase for other sidekicks in the DC Universe. So many characters, both popular and obscure, have followers of them, and although consensus is aware of who is unanimously the favorite, this poll of DC Comics was a great way to showcase the best of the best sidekicks.

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