Dbrand launches Something-skin that makes your phone look like nothing

After months of teasing and overhyping, Nothing Phone 1 is finally here. We got our fingers in the device this week and found out that it’s mostly just a regular smartphone with a cool transparent back – so it would not be cool if you could have that look on the phone you already own?

That’s what the device outfitter company Dbrand set out to do, and it ended up doing … Something. It’s a collection of skins and cases that match the geometric white and gray style of Nothing Phone 1’s visible interior, but you can pair them with select iPhones, Pixels and other devices.

iPhone 13 Pro Max and Pixel 6 Pro show their interior as if it is nothing.
Photo: Dbrand

Dbrand’s CEO Adam Ijaz said the Nothing phone’s main appeal is its aesthetics and believes no one would want to cover it with a case or skin. “If we can not cover the phone, then how do we profit from nothing?” said Ijaz via email. The belief of Dbrand is that there will not be a lot of Nothing phones in nature and that the brand is “untested” and “hyped”, but people are interested in the look.

Text is printed on the small corner of this zoomed image of the sticker.  It says Model: 6PRO, Something Technology Limited, 34.47972001011N 113.3353001040W, USA.  There is a no not trash can icon and a CE icon on it that looks like a white ribbon cable.

There is also an Easter egg in the form of GPS coordinates printed on the back of the Something label: 34.47972001011N 113.3353001040W
Photo: Dbrand

The Something line is available now in a limited capacity, and its first run will include versions for the iPhone 13 Pro Max, Pixel 6 Pro and Samsung S22 Ultra. You can get them as a skin for $ 24.95 or a grip for $ 49.90. There are plans to release a Nintendo Switch version as well, and additional devices will come based on demand.

Dbrand is known for its sarcastic and snazzy marketing that teases tech companies. Last year, it even received a letter of resignation from Sony to release side-plate replacements for the PS5, after Dbrand warned them on the product page with the message: “Go ahead, sue us.” Dbrand would later redesign the plates to avoid looking like the official ones, and the product page now has headlines: “Chess mat, lawyers.” It remains to be seen whether Nothing will sue Dbrand for anything.

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