Dave Coulier talks about Alanis Morissette’s ‘You Oughta Know’ – Deadline

Dave Coulier was in the TV shows Full house and Fuller House. He also knows what house he was in with singer Alanis Morissette – the dog house.

Coulier spoke earlier this week about the heartbreaking lyrics to Morissette’s big hit “You Oughta Know,” which told of her heartache caused by a breakup with a former boyfriend after a two-year relationship. The song was part of 10-million plus sales Sharp little pill, and spawned the biggest speculation in the music business since Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain”.

He was driving in Detroit when he first heard the song on the radio, Coulier said on SiriusXM Faction Talk. Coulier says he really enjoyed the song before his “Hey, wait a minute” moment when he recognized the singer’s voice. “Oh, oh no! Oh, I can not be this guy!” he claims he was thinking.

Coulier ran to a reord store and bought the album. Then he got in his car and listened to it.

“There were a lot of familiar things in there that she and I had talked about,” Coulier said. “Like [in ‘Right Through you’] “your shake is like a fish.” I would say “Hey, dead fish me,” and we would do this dead fish handshake. And so I started listening to it and I thought, ‘Oh, I think I may have really hurt this woman.’ And that was my first thought. ”

The Morissette-Coulier romance started in 1992 when she was 18 and he 33. After breaking up two years later, Morissette’s album was released a year after the split.

Morissette has not revealed who the song is about.

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