COVID: Manitoba cases nearly doubled

A new report from the Manitoba government shows that the number of laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 cases nearly doubled in early July as hospitalization continues to rise.

On Thursday, the province released its latest Provincial Respiratory Surveillance Report, which provides COVID-19 data from July 3 to July 9. The report shows that during this week, there were 229 laboratory-confirmed cases of COVID-19 reported in Manitoba – an increase of 104 cases from the week before.

During this week, an average of 269 people tested for COVID-19 a day, with the province’s test positivity rising from 11.5 percent to 14.8 percent.

According to the report, Manitoba also saw an increase in the number of people experiencing severe outbreaks of the virus.

From July 3 to July 9, 59 people were admitted to the hospital with COVID-19, of which seven people were admitted to the intensive care unit. That’s an increase from the week before, when Manitoba reported 46 hospitalizations as well as seven intensive care units.

In the latest report, the province reported two more deaths related to COVID-19. Since the start of the pandemic, 2,053 Manitobans have died due to COVID.

As of July 9, 83.1 percent of Manitobans aged five and older have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19, of which 55.3 percent have received at least one additional dose. On Thursday, Health Canada approved Modernas COVID-19 vaccine for infants and preschoolers.

City of Winnipeg’s wastewater monitoring data show a sustained presence of COVID-19, but with a general decline in activity.

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