Coronavirus crisis: Johnson & Johnson’s review finds women significantly more likely to suffer long COVID

A new review has revealed women are significantly more likely to suffer from long COVID, and will experience substantially different symptoms than their male counterparts.

The international review of current research by Johnson & Johnson’s Office of the Chief Medical Officer analysed data from 35 publications on long COVID involving 1.3 million patients.

According to the review, published in Current Medical Research and Opinion, women were found to be 22 per cent more likely to be afflicted with long COVID than men.

The Mayo Clinic defines a patient with “long COVID” as someone who has symptoms that persist for more than four weeks after diagnosis, even among young, otherwise healthy people.

Common signs and symptoms of long COVID include fatigue, shortness of breath/difficulty breathing, cough, joint pain, chest pain, memory, concentration or sleep problems, muscle pain or headache, fast or pounding heartbeat, loss of smell or taste, depression or anxiety, fever, dizziness and a worsening of symptoms after physical or mental activity.

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