Composing with artificial intelligence: how AI can help you write music

Striking a balance between technical skill and inspired creative flair is often a crucial aim when trying to launch a career as a composer. Too technical, and your work runs the risk of being perceived as soulless. But, if your music is too untethered from convention, loose, and pigeon-hole evading, then you’ll have a much harder time finding listeners. 

This is doubly true when it comes to the world of professional soundtracking. Very often, those working in the soundtracking domain are provided with a brief (or pitch to one). Typically, the required music needs to fit the right ‘feel’ that the project (be it film, TV, video game or advertisement) requires. This has been the norm for professional soundtrackers for decades. Now, with the startling rise of AI-based music platforms, those patrons needing quick and cost-effective soundtracks that still sound composed, have the easy means to generate just that, for minimal outlay. 

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