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What’s the Difference Between: A Lawyer, Solicitor, Advocate, Barrister, Counselor, and an Attorney?

Have you ever wondered where all these somewhat confusing terms came from? Well the answer is they are all types of Lawyers originated from...

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Placing A Value On Your Personal Injury Claim

Your Medical Doctor or Chiropractor has released you from treatment for your motor vehicle accident and enough time has passed so...

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The Universally Negative Opinion of Personal Injury Lawyers

There’s countless professions out there performing all types of services imaginable. While some of these occupations may be more well...

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Six Secrets Insurance Companies Don’t Want Accident Victims to Know

Secret One: Rigid legal timelines can prevent a victim from going to court. The insurance companies count on these time deadlines,...

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5 Benefits to Having a Personal Injury Lawyer Represent You

If you have been injured in a car accident or injured by another person’s actions, you have probably been told that you need to talk...

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What To Do Immediatley After a Car Accident

Did you know that there are over six million car accidents in the United States every year? Fortunately, in most cases, car accidents only...

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Carmine “Lilo” Galante – The Cigar

He was as vicious as Mafia boss Vito Genovese, as ambitious as Vito Genovese, and he was deeply involved in the heroin business as was Vito...

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Registered Nuts – A Night in the Life of an ER Nurse

I’ve ceased with the pre-shift ritual of meditating in my parked truck along with a soothing piece of music. No more prayers to God...

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Retiring Or Investing in Latin America? Don’t Miss Out on These Big Fringe Benefits

When considering investments of any type, the bottom line is of course the most important. But one of the very attractive advantages of...

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Burden of Being a Black Teacher

While working at a large high school, I have an insider’s view of the educational scene. As a classroom instructor, I understand that...

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