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A Common Pitfall to Avoid When Trying to Evict a Tenant in Broward County

Any landlord who has had the misfortune of having their eviction suit dismissed will tell you that if you don’t get the 3-Day Notice...

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Information and Document Checklist for Getting a Divorce in Florida

The following is a practical guide as to what you and your spouse will need to complete the court forms needed for filing for a divorce in...

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No More New Condo Developments?

Back in June of this year, HUD issued new rules about FHA financing on condominium projects. These new rules were to apply to new condo...

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The Fair Consumer Reporting in Bankruptcy Act of 2015

Did you know that banks and other creditors may continue to list a debt on your credit report even after that debt has been paid? When your...

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Owning a Piece of Paradise

The only thing better than visiting paradise, is owning a piece of it, and every year many of the visitors who step off planes in Bali...

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When You Should Contest The Will

When what you inherit after a long time of devotion and care are just scrambles, life may seem to be very bitter. If the will seems unfair...

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Using Credit Wisely After Bankruptcy

“Disguised” Reaffirmation Agreement You may receive offers from companies that appear to be lenders that you included in your...

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Questions and Answers on Structured Settlements

Q: What are Structured Settlements? A: If you have been involved with a lawsuit involving personal injury settlements, your attorney may...

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The History of Lawyers

Ever since Socrates received the death penalty in Greece, 400 years before the Common Era – and most likely long before that –...

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Credit Repair Tips – 10 Ways to Quickly Whip Your Credit Score Into Shape

This is a frequently asked question in my office, “How do I improve my credit score after bankruptcy.” It may seem like the end...

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