Buried Treasure: Super Junior – Every day

Super Junior - Every dayA K-pop act title track is not always the best song on their album, though it’s the one most people want to hear. Sometimes b-sides also deserve recognition. In the single-minded world of K-pop, I want to focus on some of these buried treasures and give them the props they deserve.

I will not jinxe it, but so far July has been K-pop’s strongest month in 2022 so far. It has not yet borne the kind of 9+ standouts that make me think “top ten by the end of the year”, but we have got a constant stream of solid albums and a couple (ENHYPEN, Viviz) that have really grown on me . Super junior The road: Continue is among these releases, although only half of a major project has not yet been completed.

Since we are Super Junior, we have the expected ballad and groovy mid-tempo. But the optimistic Weekday is the song that immediately caught my attention. Its mix of gritty power pop guitar and refreshing synths is right up your alley, offering a blast of energy perfect for summer. Super Junior has always been reliable party masters, bringing lots of personality to this track style. Weekday switches between fast rapvers and hymn chorus with ease. It’s not a great artistic statement, but it’s definitely a lot of fun.

More than anything else, Weekday feels like a K-pop number we might have heard back in 2011 or 2012, where maximalist choruses and light, silly energy trumped the kind of sinister mythology we often see today. As members of K-pop’s older guard, this nostalgic sound Super Junior fits a tee. It is gratifying to hear them remain in their proper element after all these years.

Hooks 8
Production 9
Long life 8
Bias 9

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