Baltimore Selected Host of Artificial Intelligence Bootcamp – APPLICATIONS OPEN NOW!

Mark Cuban Foundation

Mark Cuban Foundation

The Mark Cuban Foundation’s Artificial Intelligence Bootcamp Initiative teaches AI concepts to underserved high school students through a 4-Saturday Bootcamp

BALTIMORE, 14 July 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – ThoughtSpot, that Modern Analytics Cloud the company will host a Mark Cuban Foundation Artificial Intelligence (AI) Bootcamp for high school students in the fall of 2022 at Johns Hopkins University. The No Cost AI Bootcamp in Baltimore will be targeted at high school students and will introduce undergraduate students in grades 9 to 12 to basic AI concepts and skills.

ThoughtSpot is one of 20+ hosting companies selected to host 30 camps throughout the United States in the fall of 2022.

ThoughtSpot is the Modern Analytics Cloud company and has been pioneering a new way for anyone to ask questions about their data and get answers. With ThoughtSpot, anyone, regardless of their technical skills, can analyze data as easily as they search for information using Google. These insights can be connected to other applications and systems, bringing intelligence to large-scale decision-making.

ThoughtSpot Bootcamp will be held over four consecutive Saturdays starting October 22nd and ending November 12th.

The student and parent application is now open at Student refrain need some previous experience in computer science, programming or robotics to apply and participate.

Through AI Bootcamp, students will learn what artificial intelligence is and is not, where they already interact with AI in their own lives, and the ethical implications of AI systems, including but not limited to TikTok recommendations, smart home assistants, face recognition, and self-driving cars to name a few.

Students will benefit from volunteer mentoring instructors who are knowledgeable about computer science and able to help students quickly understand material normally taught at the collegiate level. As part of the 5-hour curriculum, students will also work in Microsoft Azure, Microsoft’s cloud computing platform, every day to build their own AI applications related to Chatbots, Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.

The Mark Cuban Foundation provides bootcamp curriculum materials, trains volunteer mentors and recruits, and selects local students to join the camp. In addition, the Mark Cuban Foundation and ThoughtSpot work together to provide food, transportation, and access to student laptops at no cost throughout the duration of Bootcamp.

“This was my first boot camp and I had such a memorable experience with all my peers and mentors. If I were not a senior, I would definitely come back and participate again!” – Cindy N., ThoughtSpot 2021

The AI ​​Bootcamp initiative was founded by Mark Cuban in 2019 and has hosted free AI bootcamps for students across several U.S. cities, including Dallas, Pasadena, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Detroit and Atlantic City to name a few. The Mark Cuban Foundation has impacted 450+ students to date and has a goal of getting 1,000 students to graduate from the AI ​​Bootcamps Program by 2023.

Students interested in applying for the Mark Cuban Foundation AI Bootcamp should do so before Thursday, September 1stst2022 on To see our campsites in 2022 and to learn more about the Mark Cuban Foundation AI Bootcamps, please visit

Contact: Carli Lidiak, Mark Cuban Foundation
Telephone: 309-840-0348

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