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Article Directory Articles With Expired Links – A Different Solution

After toiling for a few years in this magical land of affiliate marketing and using articles as a tool to develop content, links and traffic, you will most surely somewhere during your travels began to amass a large quantity of articles at various article directories.

Those articles just like Egyptian hieroglyphics will last virtually forever with several links each back to your treasured domains. This can be very good and it is not unusual to receive commissions from sites you have long forgotten about over the years because of those articles.

But what happens when your domain registrar sends you the yearly notice that a particular domain is ready for renewal. Time has come to decide as, I do frequently now on a regular basis, to make the decision whether that renewal fee is best spent on renewing a domain that accidentally brings in a few dollars here and there or would it be a wiser investment to use that money to buy a new domain and with newly acquired knowledge and skills learned from experience build a site capable of earning hundreds.

After gaining more experience and learning new keyword search techniques this is an easy decision. Especially when I look at so many of those domains I purchased back in my formative years that seemed like winners and now I really don’t want my name associated with them any longer. So instead of renewing those turkeys I am very comfortable doing some keyword research and launching a profitable new Google friendly site.

But what of all those articles with links back to those now defunct domains that all those article directories keep reminding me have broken links? Well I suppose I could just put some new links on them to some unrelated sites. But I have chosen a different method.

I purchased a domain and placed on it a free WordPress article directory script and template. Now the last thing I want is an article directory where anyone can post articles. Don’t have the stomach for that chore. So I removed from the template the portions that allow other authors to sign up and submit articles. This is my own personal little piece of article heaven where only I am the master.

A lot of my articles are product reviews so on this new site I place at least one of my articles from each category I have written about. Next I go to the article directory where I have broken links and edit the bio boxes to redirect the links back to the articles on this site which in effect is a general article directory.

I placed some AdSense ads and eventually might put some Amazon ads on there also. Actually even though the thing has only existed for a couple of months it is bringing some AdSense earnings. Best of all those old dusty articles can keep performing their magic. I have moved it to a second hosting account I have where I will just have this directory to give it it’s own IP address.

Of course any man made piece of heaven will have some flaws. The biggest downside is some of those articles have been well received by other webmasters and they have placed them on their sites. Once those webmasters realize that the links in them are broken they will feel no need to replace the links with my new links so I will lose the value from their articles that I once enjoyed. But at least I do not lose the articles entirely.

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